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Kaiketsu Zorro Opening

OP to Kaiketsu Zorro, song by Masaki Endo.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Kaiketsu Zorro Opening”

  1. momomaine says:

    i loveddd this since i was a kid!!!!!!!!!! he’s the best looking zorro ever! awesome cartoon!!!!!!

  2. TMNWG says:

    Oh god, I remember watching this waay back! It was awesome!

  3. historygenius says:

    @WhitePawn Well, Don Diego was a nobleman, is it established that he’s 100% Spanish? Because then that would be believable.

  4. nlovi12 says:

    @WhitePawn yeah blonde zorro?XD

  5. nlovi12 says:

    LOL im spanish and this is….XD

  6. ShadyKitsune says:

    Henshin a Zorro, baby!

    … Yes, that was a bad Viewtiful Joe joke.

  7. TheNonfat says:

    i love my childhood :3

  8. zafrier says:

    @hildegarde07 me too, I heard the opening for the first time and got addicted, I watched all the episodes…:)

  9. hildegarde07 says:

    I was addicted to this anime…..I used to watch this every afternoon.

  10. RIO21242 says:


  11. AdaTwilightFairy says:

    Zorro was batman idea’s inspiration

  12. WhitePawn says:

    Blonde Zorro? That’s almost heresy… but damn, this song is awesome.

  13. TheNoboo says:

    owwww i miss u Zorro………………..

  14. rdk234 says:

    any 1 if knows the lyrics or understand the lyrics,,, plz upload…

  15. cryptexify says:

    arabic dub was awesome :P

  16. englantinaalice says:

    i want to see the cartoon movie rtl 2,it tv ,raiuno,raidue,.tvr 1,tvr 2,.i see on the computer.

  17. theshawnguster says:

    weird ;:D

  18. theshawnguster says:


  19. MexiGojira says:

    @ROMANTIKILLER2 Funny thing that back then (Zorro takes place sometime before Mexican Independence, and California still part of New Spain) most people had mullets, moustaches became famous until Mexican Revolution (more than 100 years after the events of Zorro)

  20. anasassaad2 says:

    A blond Zorro????!!!!!

  21. Jo0o0odie1995 says:


  22. Governativo33 says:

    @Sener LOL

  23. HikariBun says:

    @TsakirisAlexandros That’s why White people are often depicted with cartoony, humongous noses and super curly eye lashes with equally cartoony personalities with their super bad accents. Because we Asians want to be white. HAHAHA. White skin was always a revered trait before Asian people knew white people existed. Contacts are just fashion. Anyway, I dislike stereotypical portrayals of any kind, (white stereotypes in Asia make me wince) but I really dislike people who make ignorant comments.

  24. HikariBun says:

    Oh wow! This opening and the anime looks really awesome…but why do a lot of (especially older) shows always have to have some mini-kid version of main character (As in Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon) or kidify the main character (as in Detective Conan)? Are kids really unable to relate without some little kid who’s bound to be annoying?

  25. ROMANTIKILLER2 says:

    @LudicrouslyLuis yeah, of course there are! I know that’s just a sterotype that all Mexican are dark skinned and got dark hair, it’s kinda the same for me, I’m Italian but I’ve go blue eyes and pale skin!
    However you have to admit that I’m right when I’m saying that usually Zorro has always been being depicted as a stereotypical Mexican with dark hair, brown eyes and even moustache!

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