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Juelz Santana “Days Of Our Lives” (Official Music Video) (new song 2009) + Download

Juelz Santana “Days Of Our Lives” (Official Music Video) (new song 2009) + Download link juelz santana days of our lives official music video new song 2009 download lil wayne hip hop rap kanye west drake
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Juelz Santana “Days Of Our Lives” (Official Music Video) (new song 2009) + Download”

  1. sobleton01 says:

    Go Boy!!

  2. StrelaLeiria says:

    What’s the problem if he wearin’ skinny jeans???
    He’ a good rapper and it doesn’t matter if he wearin’ skinny jeans

  3. bigchris0072009 says:

    this my shit so fuck them all

  4. bigchris0072009 says:

    this my shit so f*** all

  5. danfagen says:

    This videos hotter than the other one he released

  6. CripZ4LN says:

    Well respect 6 Drop Santana but fk B^s Nigga


  7. infr says:


  8. dinandphill says:

    If you like this yall like the scarface my block parody from the dookie brothers check em out here on youtube

  9. SolidSnake240 says:

    @illaztic not all skinny jeans are super tight. there are the skinny jeans that are fitted like the one’s he wears and then they have the skin tight ones.

  10. TonySprocket says:

    @Leon111000 born 2 lose built 2 win.. the album still aint out yet

  11. TERRELL396 says:

    thats my boy aye! lol

  12. elnermc says:


  13. derrick85739 says:

    juelz santana hella hard

  14. AnastaciaWeems8637 says:

    hey farttermusic love this song…i got the ringtone for free at

  15. YoungBK23 says:

    lol at him pullin the dolls arm off when he said amputate

  16. Leon111000 says:

    what name has the album with this song?

  17. beercott says:

    shit is fire!!!

  18. MadRopes says:

    ayo santana i see u nigga. keep grindin, this shit dope

  19. NorthMiamiCityBoy305 says:

    He that nigga


    Torricoooooooooooooo make the beat!

  21. oAbstractso says:

    @69viper then go watch it

  22. 69viper says:

    only days of of our lives is by bone thugs. way better than this

  23. MsLittleDucky says:

    love it

  24. KidSantanaAye says:

    @ 1:45 – dat azz. who’s dat girl?

  25. YungRyder803 says:

    @fan296 Ik put this is jus not put together rite.. iono

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