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Joshua dies (Knots Landing season 7 scene)

Lilimae yells Joshua that he’s a monster, and that she is no longer his mother. He continues backing up, and then trips over the edge of the building, and falls to the ground.Tragic Scene. I have all 14 seasons on dvd,email me if youre interested.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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22 Responses to “Joshua dies (Knots Landing season 7 scene)”

  1. mashinebenz says:

    @tenfortyseven heeeey he’s still hot :P :P

  2. mashinebenz says:

    @BradTheProducer hahaha :D

  3. Messylin says:

    She did this to him through terrible parenting! Evil bitch.

  4. BradTheProducer says:

    This scene is just begging to be redone in some way on 30 Rock.

  5. captainhero518 says:

    The irony of the “A Better Tomorrow” billboard during that scene is not lost on me. :)

  6. dallasewings says:

    Julie Harris was amazing in that scenes awesome acting. Sad scene.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. pepismama says:

    was this the spinoff of Dallas?

  8. ncjuppiter says:

    Godddd Julie Harris was so amazing on this show. Really, truly underappreciated. She made Lilimae a TRUE character. God bless her.

  9. fangora2001 says:

    this sure was a shock at the time!

  10. drlee2 says:

    this was a great scene; i just saw the whole s/l again recently and alec baldwin was so ‘innocent’ back then! joshua was very green and impressionable when he came to knots and bad influences and fame overwhelmed and consumed him; really tragic!

    it was really sad how lilimae had to watch all this happen and really couldn’t save her son from himself! julie harris should have won an emmy for this s/l! Period!

  11. youtert says:

    Joshua was a rude little pig.

  12. mcarps7 says:

    Knots Landing had a lot of outstanding actors during its long run. They didn’t rely on 1 or 2 actors for success like other soaps!

  13. TRAVISJAMES03 says:

    Lilimae was also probably flashing back to Ciji’s murder and how she believed everything that Chip told her.

  14. Astraldragon1 says:

    One minute she calls him a monster the next she is crying that he died. Wow, what acting.. I never did watch Knotts Landing.

  15. vidhead85 says:

    Tell is SoapFreak, Julie Harris & Michelle lee have been cited as the best actresses on the show

  16. FamilyGuy770 says:

    Lilimae, it seems, was always trying to get out of her own faults. It’s HER fault that her kids turned out all fucked up! If she hadn’t gone off running after a dream that would never happen, none of this would have never have happened.

  17. paulac2006 says:

    lilimae was a bitch after what she did to val with her baby pfffft i do blame her for how josh turned out you aren’t born that way and she coops up with val in the house when it suits oooh yeah very conveinient for her BIATCH :P

  18. tenfortyseven says:

    back when alec baldwin was hot

  19. jessianjel says:

    This was a rare instant when I didn’t mind a bad guy dying off the show

  20. SoapFreak says:

    FANTASTIC SCENE!!! Greatly written, directed and, especially, acted. Julie Harris, you ROCK!

  21. Paul0307 says:

    where u get the seasons from?

  22. KarenM526 says:

    Julie Harris’ best scene in the entire series. She is absolutely magnificent here!!

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