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Jon Giswold on DANCE FEVER 1981

This is one of the best and most humiliating experiences that I have on tape (outside of my FIT video where I wear a singlet). I hope anyone who enjoyed the show will appreciate our performance.

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25 Responses to “Jon Giswold on DANCE FEVER 1981”

  1. socialpredicament says:

    If this is one of your most humiliating moments, then you have NOTHING to be ashamed of!

    I enjoyed watching the performance. I loved Dance Fever when I was younger, so I appreciate the fact that you posted this clip. Thank you.

  2. sneakerthekid says:

    Nice, a dance team from minneapolis on Dance Fever. I remember watching this show when i was just a tot.

  3. ReeseMac says:

    Don’t worry…..30 years from now fans of Lady Gaga will look back and cringe at the fact that they were fans of hers. You were a part of that world and you were just doing your thing.

  4. javajunkie101 says:

    I was addicted to this show years ago. i am so glad that an episode survives!

  5. petgroomer101 says:

    yes he did

  6. MorgBD says:

    LOVE Dance Fever!!! The 80′s ROCKED!

  7. nschenk says:

    so. fruity.
    but in a good way.

  8. Superdondisco says:

    Showv takes me back to the good times,,,thank you.

  9. cbrighton72 says:


  10. martitalovesmj says:

    I miss the 80′s so much!!! I never missed this show..

  11. berylman says:

    OMG that was you dancing?!? What the hell happened to your hair? And why are you wearing Saran wrap. Don’t be too embarrassed but I found this totally hilarious.

  12. WecanWinJesse says:

    @aerogiz Channel 11 in NYC Saturday five o clock and on Abc on Saturday before TJ Hooker

  13. iXxshxX says:

    what the hellllll the woman can’t dance !!!!!!

  14. worldlysistah says:

    The ORIGINAL so you think you can dance… I love it!!!

  15. apolloniasixer says:

    You represented the hometown before Prince hit it big!

  16. blabblab1212 says:

    I’ll bet a new $50 that Jon is gay!

  17. cysince86 says:

    You’re kidding…this is hilarious..

  18. dallaspolo says:

    I loved watching this show back in the early 80s. This is when couples really through out everything. Miss it and the great music.

  19. AveIvy says:

    DAMN!!! Dude was gettin down. Incredible!!!!!!!

    I loved Dane Fever, someone has to bring it back.

  20. Kismo1 says:

    DAYUM!! Now that is dancing!!

    “Newschool”…..YOU GOT SERVED!!

  21. Dancefusion says:

    I’m glad you posted this it is a great testament to authentic period dancing. So few people have any idea what the actual hustle era and disco era were about. Stand proud you pulled a great Bowie rip off. Solid spins and good extension….I’ll forgive you on your posture due to over-reaching ; ) People that don’t show respect have no class or understanding of an important phase in artist evolution….thank you for your artistic contribution.

  22. TarotMage says:

    Hey Jon – Roland from Tampa here! Still listening to your “Private Workout” CD and got both your “Basic Training” books on my coffee table! My brother Ric was on Dance Fever as well – he and his partner Kathy danced to Bette Midler’s “Married Men” – got to the semi-finals too! R.I.P Ric – the dance scene in Tampa just ain’t the same without you. :*(

  23. mrswintro says:

    why are they wearing shower curtains

  24. Gaylel1 says:

    I can see if Carrie Anne, Bruno and Len was on that show. That was before Dancing With the Stars.

  25. marioTmaggot says:

    I used to love this show as a kid!!!

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