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Johnny & June

Comedy sketch by Johnny and June Carter Cash. “Where oh where are you tonight” Ifyou like this video, let me know and I will make more! Be sure to rate it and leave a comment! For more great clips visit my website – Due to the overwhelming popularity of my site, I’m now at http
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25 Responses to “Johnny & June”

  1. carlenecarter52 says:

    @mKafir she was 9 when she was on stage as the carter sisters your thinking on anita her little sister :)

  2. carlenecarter52 says:

    I love them ! best country couple to ever be lol so cute and funny :)

  3. timtaylor97044 says:

    You met another and pppfftt you were gone, and by the way dont forget to watch “trick my truck” on CMT. I cant stand tv show popups, who ever thought of this idea should be kicked in the….HEEE HAWWW!!!!!!!!!

  4. Useless2112 says:


  5. boxcarwillie1982 says:

    May Johnny and June rest in peace. They were awesome at what they did.

  6. lynettemonroe says:


  7. TheBookWorm1718 says:

    Oddly enough, their chemistry doesn’t work as well as that of Archie Campbell and Gordie Tapp.

  8. Siamterri64 says:

    Good timin couple

  9. TimL2005 says:

    If you can find some old Country music color videos from the 1950′s..June was very much a comedienne..and very funny, too! If she had just done comedy and not sang, she would still be just as famous..

  10. bobthefreak09 says:

    Holy Crap, Johnny ain’t wearin black! lol.

  11. JammnIT says:

    I just had to laugh at this old skit and notice how young a certain someone is…..

  12. cha5 says:

    LOL I never knew Johnny and June did one of these Hee Haw
    song sketches together, 0:19-0:20 it looked like that shoulder jab hurt a bit.

  13. dbd1353 says:


    You’re not the only one..Lots of us miss the both of them..

  14. toadfrog40 says:

    No she wasn’t drunk, she use to be a comedienne this is the way she acted. Look back in time.

  15. luvdontthinkso11 says:

    I love when he accidently hits her in the head

  16. esmajor says:


  17. don417 says:

    She was drunk.

  18. PhilFeedback says:


  19. etechjoe says:

    dont quit your day job June

  20. Vaga365 says:

    Nice! I like it.

  21. hkfan1980 says:

    Man in black <3

  22. TomasTigre says:

    Shouldn’t he have on black overalls?

  23. yazooconwayfan says:

    Is it just me, or did June seem a bit hammered in this skit?

  24. mKafir says:

    nervous? no way! she’d been on stage since the age of 3!

  25. Wellch says:

    June was probably just overly nervous.

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