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Johnny Carson – The FINAL Show (May 22, 1992)

Johnny signs off after 30 years. Carson’s last show featured a look behind the scenes from the moment Johnny pulled into the studio back-lot. I have edited out all the commercial spots, past guest video clips from years back, etc., to give you only the live stuff that aired that night. Johnny says goodbye to Ed McMahon & Doc Severinsen. This was the last time all three men appeared together on television or anywhere else. Please sit back, relax in your favorite chair, and enjoy television history being made, May 22, 1992.

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25 Responses to “Johnny Carson – The FINAL Show (May 22, 1992)”

  1. henryblazer20 says:

    true legend

  2. itssold16 says:

    No one will ever replace him. A true legend. God bless you Johnny, you were the real thing in entertainment. I loved your Carnac skit. Thank you

  3. BlackDiamond1967 says:

    Just as sad as it was 18 years ago… just goes to show you just how damn good that man was.

  4. UTSCoachKen says:

    Thank you for posting this !

  5. johnmohanmusic says:

    Thank you so much for making this available. Johnny. Ed, Doc, the Band and the show were (and in the Band and Doc’s case, are) a true class-act.

  6. gigantes1966 says:

    been watching some johnny videos today and i’m blown away. IMO he has a combination of qualities that nobody else does today- affability, charm, an easy-going nature, but not least of all, a wickedly-funny comedic sense. watching him feels like i’m ‘home’ somehow, even though i didn’t catch his show much when i was young. one other thing i notice that he has, in common with only letterman AFAIK- an almost supernatural ability to hold a moment and then move on… ie exquisite comedic timing.

  7. marcusmanslaughter says:

    now that is a man to respect

  8. daddysevenpointfiver says:

    what a class act man

  9. Maroontimes81 says:

    By the way, I was only 10 years old when this last show aired, and I’d never seen The Johnny Carson show a day in my life before October. So it was like a new show for me.

  10. robertabramson says:

    I always remember that music playing as I was half asleep. My dad would be watching the show and the music would be playing in my mind like a dream…….awesome stuff!

  11. wpiken says:

    I saw this when it aired. Johnny almost choked up. I did choke up; watching the end of an era, part of my childhood close. I bid you a very heartfelt goodnight, Johnny. Thank you and R.I.P.

  12. mft760 says:

    end of an era..

  13. ncast54 says:

    Johnny humor was always great, he has and will always be miss. Johnny & ED were one of the best comedian teams on Television, along with Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen, Lewis & Martin

  14. pleaseMR55 says:

    I saw this almost 18 years ago, and it’s as
    fresh now as then. Thanks for posting this, really great. Johnny was a part of Americana. RIP.

  15. zerozander says:

    At age 11, I saw this when it first aired, and I haven’t seen it since then until right now. I remember when I saw it the first time I thought “Oh, Johnny looks so sad. He’s gonna cry”. He didn’t cry, but almost. Even though I was young, I still think I grew up watching Johnny.

  16. flippyflyer says:

    wow…we miss you Johnny

  17. newman20072008 says:

    Mr Carson is KING and will remain so.

  18. woodlandrealm says:

    AWW :-( Parting is such bitter sorrow

    You were the BEST EVER Johhny !! what great memories over the years. ;)

    GOD BLESS !!

  19. geenzc says:

    Wow! I was only 9 when this aired. Seeing this gives me goosebumps! Now he is the perfect example of a gentleman!! My grandmother mentioned she cried when she saw Carson’s final episode.

  20. Willscarp says:

    Johnny is truly the greatest… I still believe that if they showed his reruns up against any late night show, it would beat them.

    It shows how much he loved his job. I hope somebody eventually follows in his footsteps, because it would be great to go to bed every night with laughes like these. He nver seemed to get overly political. He just entertained.

  21. jmsweat says:

    If NBC had followed Carson’s wishes, David Letterman would have had the Tonight Show after Carson and this whole mess today would have never happened!

  22. OddOneOut665 says:

    @jpatton only difference now is that back then, as a second guest Johnny had Bette Midler. Conan, on the other hand, has Barry Manilow as his second guest afterwards. ;)

  23. hoosierlooker says:

    It really marked an end of an era in TV. Still the Greatest.

  24. akkepach says:

    Even though I haven’t experienced Jimmy Carson, neither have I ever watched his show, now I know why conan wanted to keep the legacy of the tonight show going.

    It’s almost impossible not to admit that Carson was probably the classiest tonight show host ever.

    And then came leno, who didn’t mind doing half an hour at 11:35. In other words, ending the legacy.

    And to make It all better, he’s getting the tonight show back!!!!!!!

  25. jpatton1989 says:

    i agree

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