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Johnny Carson – playing Walter Cronkite, 1981!

From 1981, just after Walter Cronkite retired from the CBS Evening News, Johnny Carson did a spoof…need we say more? This is GREAT!!!!

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25 Responses to “Johnny Carson – playing Walter Cronkite, 1981!”

  1. SirHatchporch says:

    5:22 Would’ve been funny if he did that with a big picture of Jay Leno in 1992.

  2. TheAllKnowingTribute says:

    Porky Pig AND Woody Woodpecker? Damn Carson carries more comedic consistency then a Canary being Consumed by a Cat

  3. MrPman851 says:

    @AarHan3, a Johnny Carson classic!

  4. AarHan3 says:

    @MrPman851 19 years of “tickety-tickety-tickety”. :^)

  5. AarHan3 says:

    Talk about going out in style. :^)

  6. RM4FS says:

    Walter Cronkite replaced Douglas Edwards

  7. szqsk8 says:

    “This isn’t The Mary Tyler Moore Show!”. LMAO!

  8. szqsk8 says:

    I started watching Johnny when I was in high school in the mid 70s and I just loved him. Still the best. Nobody working now can even compare! RIP Johnny (and Ed)….

  9. wtf66611 says:

    Too bad they’re aren’t any more people like Johnny. RIP

  10. MrPman851 says:

    @RodneyWelch, it’s on the Johnny Carson video collection released in 1994.

  11. RodneyWelch says:

    Funny stuff. i doubt they ever repeated that sketch after Jessica Savitch’s death in 1983.

  12. DorvellTStewart says:

    “Kids, wet your finger like so. Now, go jam that little sucker in the wall socket. Trust your Uncle Walter, it won’t hurt a bit!”

  13. MrPman851 says:

    For god’s sake, knock of that tickety-tickety-tickety sound!
    LOFL!!!!! LOVE IT Johnny!

  14. nicklebackfan says:

    I remember watching this as a 7 year old at home in the living room! Now both of these men are gone.

  15. Coastergeekperson04 says:

    If it was prerecorded, then how could he have paused for the audience reactions?

  16. youvebeenthunderstru says:

    Censorship = bullshit. Come on, fucking stop it with this politically correct nonsense.

  17. walyern says:

    What the hell is a broad doing in a newsroom, this aint the Mary Tyler Moore Show! PRICELESS! XD

  18. walyern says:

    @rkc2380 Oh I know! No worries, actually someone on Facebook pointed out my inaccuracy. I gotta tell ya, I was kinda young in 1992, so I cant say that I really know what happened, but, after everything that went down this year, I have a new respect for David Letterman. AND, I have found Letterman to be pretty damn funny, but, i miss Conan, and we all REALLY miss Johnny.

  19. rkc2380 says:

    @walyern wasn’t being disrespectful to you, just making a joke all though j leno is one

  20. walyern says:

    @rkc2380 Let me fix my years, RIP TONIGHT SHOW (1954-1992 and 2009-2010).

  21. rkc2380 says:

    @walyern you mean 1954-1992 (the year Johnny Carson retired)

  22. walyern says:

    Jay, Mr. Carson is tired of your $h!t.

  23. walyern says:

    OMG PRICLESS! XD RIP Tonight Show (1954-2010).

  24. SecretService80 says:

    “19 years of tickety-tickety!”

    “What the hell is a broad doing in here anyway? This ain’t the Mary Tyler Moore show!”


  25. ptschafer says:

    Carson was a great comedian, hands down. Funny though how he opened his sketch here… you couldn’t say those things on TV today about broads getting in the kitchen. Hell, even Obama would be on TV disgracing you for saying it. But anyway I laughed and loved it, Johnny was a true classic and a hard act to follow.

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