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Johnny Carson on Dean Martin Roast

Dean Martin Roast
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20 Responses to “Johnny Carson on Dean Martin Roast”

  1. GuruNicholas2012 says:

    Now this is comedy. The roast now-a-days are a JOKE. They are pathetic. The Dean Martin Roasts are classics and ALWAYS will be.

  2. BooBop1987 says:


  3. crissfoo96 says:

    he really killed it .

  4. uzimodem says:

    back when the PC Bullshit crap was not in existence. Oh, those were the days!!!

  5. falmark187 says:

    I will remember this evening probably, as long as it take me to get to my car.

  6. TheBlueyedblond says:

    @turbo4141 oh man…the ACLU, NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson and their race-baiting gang would have crucified Carson!!

  7. MegaObserver1 says:

    @LeathanL Bob Newhart is still very much alive.

  8. rogerb1031 says:

    @MichaelinDenmark n u are sooo right. Total class & funny as Hell. I will miss Johnny forever. This era was the best. rb1031

  9. TheThroney says:

    @baldiloxbaldilox i agree.. the wannabe roasts these days are garbage.

  10. PhuckHue2 says:

    I always said johnny was underrated as a comedian. his timing was perfect

  11. rha101 says:

    @baldiloxbaldilox I agree. The vulgarity is just the laziest form of shock comedy.

  12. turbo4141 says:

    there would have been a huge backlash current day for the “roasting people” joke. Ya think?

  13. baldiloxbaldilox says:

    The old roasts were so funny. The ones now are tasteless and unneccessarily vulgar. I miss all those guys.

  14. LeathanL says:

    Jeez, I must be getting old. I know who all of those people are, and with the exception of Kent Mccord and Dione Warwick, they’ve all passed on.

  15. YOU2UUB says:

    Johnny Carson is Mr. Monologue and Mr. Late Night. Johnny Carson and Bob Hope were my 2 favorite and funniest comedians on the Dean Martin Roasts.

  16. Conspiracyknowledge says:

    hahaha that redd foxx jokes God damned!

  17. lukeallyn says:

    Johnny is to class as what class is to Johnny Carson.

  18. luap123311 says:

    I thought he was the Best Host ever on TV — I use to watch him nightly when I could – that is when I got out of work from the second shift.

  19. MichaelinDenmark says:

    You are SO right. What an extraordinary talent Johnny Carson was

  20. bagladyist says:

    johnny was so classy,even doing roasts.

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