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Johnny Carson & Doc talk about Thanksgiving

Circa 1979. This spontaneous dialogue between Johnny and Doc is perhaps one of the funniest television moments ever. This clip was recorded from the 18th Anniversary Show, which turned out to be the only time this exchange was featured in it’s entirety. If you have a chance to purchase the 18th Anniversary show, I would highly recommend it.

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25 Responses to “Johnny Carson & Doc talk about Thanksgiving”

  1. bagladyist says:

    The show was so magicaly funny with Johnny, Ed, & Doc.

  2. vegasrobbie says:

    this is just funny, stoned or straight…:)…Johnny seems genuinely embarrassed that he forgot Doc had gotten divorced. Johnny was a Midwestern guy at heart.

  3. nascarracingurl says:

    I love it…Johnny’s laugh always made me laugh…This is classic with him and Doc…good stuff

  4. Rickinva50 says:

    a true classic bit of comedy

  5. TheBeatles191 says:

    I’m 18 years old, and this is so fucking hilarious. I never saw Johnny on TV, he retired the year I was born, but he was a genius. And Doc was great.

  6. hollowaymccartney says:

    Oh Johnny how I Love you!

  7. hollowaymccartney says:

    oh Johnny how I love you!

  8. un1k3n says:

    OMG Funniest Carson clip I’ve ever seen. Maybe it helps that I seem to be on Doc’s level at the moment.

  9. interwoven222 says:

    doc was stoned out of his whazoo

  10. Rickinva50 says:

    There will never be another Johnny Carson

  11. bagladyist says:

    Johnny had a great sense of humor. I believe he is irreplaceable. He will live forever.

  12. newman20072008 says:

    THAT was soooooooooooooo funny.

  13. hjb103055 says:

    It’s just possible that Doc Severinsen is the funniest person that ever sat in that chair. I can’t imagine Johnny Carson laughing any harder then he did right there.

  14. newman20072008 says:

    now THAT’S comedy. lol r.i.p. good friend johnny we your fans miss ya.

  15. magtownlds says:

    carson was awesome!

  16. ANNEAVES says:

    I love Johnny and I’d never seen funny, my sides are splitting.

  17. mredtheanalyst says:

    No one EVER will be as good as Carson

  18. Thistlesifter220 says:

    Tie askew and nose aglow… LOL

  19. zacandtaylorrule says:

    This is hilarious haha. Noone will ever be as good as Johnny. Even though I am only 38 I remember watching him all the time with my mom.

  20. musc124 says:

    this was all of the cuff good stuff ha ha

  21. DonScoreggia says:

    One of THE funniest bits ever…

  22. szqsk8 says:

    I loved how Johnny, Ed, and Doc always made alimony jokes about each other. :)

  23. worseto says:

    Hell as bad as tv today lets just see if NBC will cut all the tapes and get robert osbourne or tv land to sell them.We could watch johnny all night.

  24. TheHockeyCentral says:

    Doc : It’s a great occasion in American History.

    Johnny: It really is….

    That little part just completes this whole clip for me. We won’t see anything like this ever again.

  25. FullHouseFanatic says:


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