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John Wayne Gunsmoke

John Wayne Gunsmoke

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25 Responses to “John Wayne Gunsmoke”

  1. StarfishHeat says:

    Is that you, John Wayne?

  2. 89incredible says:


  3. tony282811 says:

    haha WLIIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah :D

  4. RDFlight says:

    Shame on you! You have absolutely no idea what John Wayne has done to the service of this country. You characterize him on his military service? He was 34 by the time the U.S. entered WWII. Not to mention his films boosted moral during the war. To call him just another “Irish drunk” is your lack of intelligence for stereotyping. John Wayne has been dead for 30 years and remains one of the most celebrated inviduals in American culture/history.
    Think next time… Stupid

  5. JamesTKirkCobain says:

    The Duke, a complete fraud right down to his toupee. Never served in the military and was never a cowboy, yet felt that gave him the right to dictate how the military should be run and what makes a “real man”. Just another drunk Irish lout.

  6. 100acdcfan says:

    I’ve only heard of this guy from family guy and Full Metal Jacket

  7. bringbackthedoolies says:

    What gave it away?…..are u going to hurt my
    feelings here Sir?

  8. jersey7824 says:

    Omg I thought I was the only one who searched this because of Whose Line is it Anyway!!!!!! Lmao!! I guess not!!

  9. kookoo4koko1 says:

    @SantiLon14 FTW! I love him :D

  10. ilyjoesphadam says:

    Ok guys I’m ganna be totally honest. I only searched this guy because I saw ” Whose Line Is It Anyway” last night. Ryan Stiles you are freaking awesome.

  11. allydabb says:

    Haha I watched this because of whose line too:]

  12. butaneq017 says:

    thumbs up if you searched this because of who’s line is it anyway

  13. AliLovesSomeone says:

    Haha Ryan Stiles’ portrayl of him is hilarious

  14. TigerKlawz says:

    @SantiLon14 That’s what made me watch this video :)

  15. AeroChic777 says:

    I only heard of him through Whose Line and Family Guy.
    Here’s John Wayne at the first Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims!

  16. TheForeMan1000 says:

    Lol I just watched that!!!!!

  17. echev0725 says:

    @ozzyfreak314 holy crap me too I was just watching that episode i think Ryan did a pretty good job Lol

  18. ozzyfreak314 says:

    I searched this because of whose line is it anyway

  19. bansheewhiskey says:

    @bringbackthedoolies you must be english

  20. sat147147 says:

    ONG that’s exactly what I did!!!!

  21. Edenxx2597 says:

    thumbs up if you searched him because of whose line is it anyway? :D :D

  22. comedykid0909 says:

    i only know John Wayne through Ryan Stiles!

  23. anglianchannel says:

    he licked the big c yet he did not know sarah palin

  24. anglianchannel says:

    they call him the puke pilgrim

  25. thinkorthwim69 says:

    @SantiLon14 how long did mash run?

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