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John Lydon on the Tom Snyder Show 1980- Portion 1

John Lydon and Keith Levene from PIL piss off Tom Snyder.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “John Lydon on the Tom Snyder Show 1980- Portion 1”

  1. headphonic8 says:

    @Alithecomedian That goes into a lot of depth.

  2. Alithecomedian says:

    @headphonic8 what the fuck do you know asshole

  3. Alithecomedian says:

    the interviewer is a asshole and i would fucking walk off

  4. itierney says:

    Lydon acts like a 15 year old. Fuckin’ knob.

  5. TheAnarchist33 says:

    You can get the Johnny out of punk, but apparently you can’t get the punk out of the Johnny…

  6. tac6819 says:

    Got to love his interviews. I love his sense of humor.

  7. Scrumdidilyumpchious says:

    Why can’t Lydon just answer questions without being a dick! He would be nothing unless for the media. He’s a twat, nothing but an immature prick.

  8. davidmckenna96 says:

    Fave bit “companies can mess around with instruments” laughed so hard XD

  9. countsmyth says:

    Lydon is an obnoxious c**T!

  10. Electrocution00 says:

    What a schmuck

  11. phailez says:

    The first question is possibly the most retarded question I’ve ever heard an interviewer ask.

  12. JPFrosties says:

    @JackM2409 Arent you an intelligent little bastard, Hope you didn’t have to suck too much cock to get that highly insulting information.

  13. JackM2409 says:

    @JPFrosties and so are you

  14. JackM2409 says:

    @JPFrosties FUCK OFF

  15. UncleHobbysHobbys says:

    doo dah

  16. RollinMccool56 says:

    This video is cool but I prefer to be the one in the video having fun. Anybody want to do it with a smokin hot sexy mom? Click on my username. Over 18 only please. Click on my username.

  17. abstractbard says:

    @BassByTheBay Snyder is either dumb as fuck or an provocative bureaucratic prick.

  18. MrsSyck says:

    John is a really intriguing person, I adore him.

  19. JPFrosties says:

    @jhendrix7911 Haha. You are clearly mistaken, Genius refers to intelligence, not idiot.

  20. JPFrosties says:

    @Frugs22 That was not funny. At. All. It just showed how much of a disrespectful dick Lydon is on purpose to look “cool”.

  21. JPFrosties says:

    John Lydon is such a fucking douchebag.

  22. 84ToyBoy says:

    Snyder is a cock i hate him and his interview with charles manson sucks balls

  23. PessimisticCunt says:

    Lydon is a prick tbh

  24. fafjaafh says:

    They look’s like zombies

  25. oiclash77 says:

    Well looks like you havn’t done your research mate! I thought this too because thats what people told me. Whats its supposed to be about is politics and freedom. Thats why alot where anti nazi signs. I love Sid to death but he was stupid to wear the nazi sign for shock, you just dont do that. Joe Strummer and what the rest of those guys were doing was saying no-ones got the right to step on you and you need to stand up for yourself. Idiots like Green Day made it about violence.

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