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John Lydon on the Tom Snyder Show 1980- Part 1

John Lydon and Keith Levene from PIL piss off Tom Snyder.
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25 Responses to “John Lydon on the Tom Snyder Show 1980- Part 1”

  1. TheDivineAberration says:

    It’s funny how Tom Snyder claims john interrupted him at the end, when really Tom interrupted him…

  2. tothatextent says:

    @nerp23 Johnny was so far ahead of his time. I often wonder how he could see things that everyone couldn’t see. It is not as if he was educated or affluent. He was dirt poor but had a very wordily view. And, he was just a kid when the Pistols started.

  3. Teabonesteak says:

    “History does not matter”. He’s right.

  4. coocoo4anime says:

    yeahh, y do u hate Johnny?

  5. BjoernLewin says:

    @coocoo4anime as fucked up as Rotten is?

  6. coocoo4anime says:

    You have to love Johnny Rotten! If u dont ur fucked up in the head!

  7. HeidiIvy says:

    @nerp23 Mind blowing TRUTH, wow, that stands apart from all we know of Rock and Roll… “there should be no difference btw who’s on stage and who’s in the audience”…you know- that is EGO death=spirituality… he is a trip. He is actually really DEEP! But people just want shallow it seems…..

  8. MrMethadrine says:

    @mathman43 Punk is not about music…is about attitude.

  9. Lukith66 says:

    @captspualding im your fucking man

  10. scaremongerR says:

    the johnny rotten of today is johnny rotten.

  11. wreyoG says:

    @heru1966 least he’s trying to get it ahahaha

  12. 100x100toBelU says:

    estoy enamorada de johny rotten!!
    i m in love!!

  13. karmamothra says:

    @nerp23 “with all these idiots standing in the pits worshiping them..thinking they’re heros.”

    Aren’t you perpetuating that mentality by calling him “the King.” Isn’t that a form of worship, a form of adoration? Aren’t you making him into a “hero.” I think John would hate you for that. Quoting him, not having your own opinion, but just repeating his own words blindly, without actually taking heed to them. You’re not listening to what he’s saying, while chastising others for not.

  14. tbitsu27 says:

    I don’t agree on most of what Johnny says… But I don’t think that’s the point, he hates the media and anything to do with the record labels or anything like that.

  15. Nunchuck says:

    there are plenty… listen to him in this interview. He had once said he’d be happy to be where he is…5 years later he wants to work on film soundtracks, he wants to be a company, he wants to work on big budget products manufactured by corporations. Does that sound like anarchy to you? Once mainstream/mass comms shines a light on the somehat subversive they may believe themselves to be subject but infact they and their dissenion have been implicitly neutralised.

  16. sam23593 says:

    @jokamatchi he was taking the piss, did you even listen dick face fuck whit!

  17. heru1966 says:

    Snyder is on a different wavelength, he doesn’t get it.

  18. jokamachi says:

    Disaffected, empty, bile-spewing man. Haven’t done anything worthwhile in 35 years, Johnny. How ya doin? Anyone listening now?

  19. GlamTillDeath says:

    @woah909 i read he has a new perfume out … go out and buy it consume ….quick quick

  20. flicklefish says:

    “History does not matter”. Wow. What a genius. So this twerp comes in with a chip on his shoulder and becomes adversarial from the get go…. and lays down his anti this and anti that… and in the end, demonstrates his retardation with gusto.

  21. riotgrrl67 says:

    ever heard the expression you could cut the tension with a butter knife?

  22. gregpasq says:


    Then you haven’t heard all punk, then. Wire could definitely play thier instruments…and made one of the best albums of the late 70′s. Fugazi also can play thier instruments….and they are definitely not phoneys.

  23. gregpasq says:


    Keith Levene was a pretty good guitarist, so I don’t know what you mean…..

  24. gregpasq says:


    Uh, that’s “doo-dah”…..

  25. Horbrus says:

    In these days of Simon Cowell, this man’s words are more relevant than ever.

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