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John Davidson: Schizophrenic Diva

From the Streets of San Francisco episode “Mask of Death,” (three/14/1974).

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25 Responses to “John Davidson: Schizophrenic Diva”

  1. rr7firefly1 says:

    “I’m Carol Marlo… and don’t you ever forget it!!”

    Try to imagine this bag of simmering tripe without that creepy psycho music in the background. Ha!

  2. ThePaigePixie says:

    O my goodness. I am so tired of people mixing schizophrenia with MPD. People need to be educated on the disease.

  3. emerybayblues says:

    this episode (“Mask of Death”) and another called “Boy Most Likely to” about an affluent prep school boy (Kristofer Tabori) who kills his teacher who won’t fix his failing grade the only 2 episodes of SOSF that I remember by name.

  4. lasbagman1 says:

    I was 12 yrs old when this aired originally. I thought then and still do ,it was overacting to the hilt. Like a previous poster stated: he must have influenced Jim Carrey and thats a good thing.

  5. Outsider557 says:

    this is a misconception , schizophrenia is not a split-personality disorder.

  6. ftsjr says:

    I remember this episode of The Streets of San Francisco. I’d never thought much of John Davidson before, but his performance on this show really blew me away.

  7. hardrich2 says:

    I’ve never been so scared in my life

  8. gilgamess says:

    I couldn’t stand John Davidson growing up, then my Mother and I saw this episode and it flummoxed me as to why he didn’t do less hosting and more acting. Thanks, I haven’t seen this for thirty-odd years and I still remember it!

    “No you don’t remember it! You’re a naughty boy.”
    “I am not! I’ll be good. I..AUGHH!”

  9. gjfdgfjldgdfghfh says:

    Hi folks, could anybody tell me where I can get lyrics for the wohle album Side by Side?

  10. TrueVideo says:

    Im convinced that in the previous scene, is where Jim Carrey got all his crazy faces and freedom of nuttiness haha

  11. RJiminez51 says:

    this performance has emmy all over it. i can`t hardly type for my tears are in the way damn it!

  12. Outsider557 says:

    this is a misconception schizophrenia is not a split personality disorder

  13. ccm800 says:

    Best SOS EVAH!

  14. 666slink says:

    How dare you judge me? hahahaha

  15. headpooch says:

    Adventures in bad acting. Love it.

  16. frankd1965 says:

    @VanWADebbie act one was filmed at the Palace Hotel located on Market Street in Downtown San Francisco.

  17. acdeucee says:

    @TexasCrafters I know right….Wasnt it worth every second watching this? Police Woman too was pretty farout

  18. TexasCrafters says:

    I was flipping channels on TV the other day and this character freaked me out so much–I had to watch the episode. Creepy is right. Davidson did a fantastic job. Better than Psycho.

  19. azazel637 says:

    Its important programs like this are made. Normal people need to be warned so they can spot schizos and report them to the authorities.

  20. TruthSurge says:

    godz…. worse than Shatner.

  21. frankd1965 says:

    episode also guest starred Herbert Edelman(previosly appeared in 24 carat kill), John Fielder(the juror on 12 angry men).

  22. acdeucee says:

    Saw the whole thing yesterday on T.V., This was truly a freakin scary episode

  23. acdeucee says:

    Yeah..Some hard hitters…great character actors.

  24. acdeucee says:

    Yep. Saw it yesterday on T.V. John D.’s Facial expressions were out of this world.

  25. acdeucee says:

    Saw this episode yesterday…Pretty creepy. John Davidson plays an incredible psycho…This was a wild episode, You couldnt turn away from the T.V.

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