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Joe Franklin is God

I’ve never seen anything like THE JOE FRANKLIN SHOW, before or since. I discovered it on cable tv WOR Superstation in the 1980s, but Joe Franklin was a New York tv/radio institution for years. I booked myself on the show in 1988 as ‘publicist’ of the Theater Historical Society of America. It was a hoot. But I played it too modestly and let the psychic get all the screen time. Joe Franklin went off the air in 1993. But here’s his website And here’s his wikipedia entry: I’m Jeff Krulik and Joe Franklin is a hero of mine.

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21 Responses to “Joe Franklin is God”

  1. tabbyybbat says:

    oi vay! i got a gefilte fish in my bath tub!

  2. jonbecker03 says:

    @bapyou i’m a “fan” of joe franklin, in a qualified sense. if he didn’t exist, we would have had to invent him. people appeared on his show who wouldn’t have received any television exposure otherwise. and important celebrities appeared with him who WOULDN’T appear on other shows. yet franklin wasn’t witty, or humorous in the conventional sense. you tended to laugh at him rather than with him. if anything interesting happened on his show, it generally didn’t happen because of him,.

  3. jonbecker03 says:

    @bapyou yes. he treated all his guests equally (bestowing on all of them his pattented brand of false enthusiasm), and ended up making them all look bad. or most of them, at any rate. which is understandable when you try to cram ten guests into a sixty minute format.

  4. Hutcarlingos says:

    isn’t this the guy that raped sarah silverman?

  5. bapyou says:

    Joe Franklin IS God. A truer title never was bestowed on a You Tube video. Mr. Franklin was the epitome of the egalitarian interviewer. Humanity on display.

  6. CineGraphic says:

    Wow…I’m sooo jealous! Congrats, “Kulik”

  7. elchicharrone says:

    just a touch of that serene moment, a celluloid nightcap, that moment of moments, i’ll be with you, you’ll be with me as we go memory-laning with jessica dragonette, one more time after these few words from martin paint and cott ginger ale and remember folks, if its cott, its cott to be good, because ronzoni sono buoni means ronzoni tastes so good, so don’t go away, don’t touch that dial, don’t ever think of leaving us, we will be right back.

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    I remember Joe from way back in the ’60s and early ’70s, when he used to do a 90 minute show every weekday on WOR [the one with "Twelfth Street Rag" as his theme]. I looked forward to those occasional programs where he’d show one and two-reelers from his own collection- the more obscure, the better [Willie Howard, Benny Rubin, Clark & McCullough, etc.]. During the 1984-’85 season of “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE”, Billy Crystal used to satirize Joe in several sketches (and Franklin LOVED it!)

  9. ryecroft57 says:

    I used to watch this show and also listen to Joe’s WOR Radio overnight weekend show where he spun sides from Dick Powell, Al Jolson and of course Eddie Cantor. Always fun and informative and fueled my love for the classic entertainers and singers. Joe is a beloved NY institution and I’m sure most everyone here enjoyed his cameo in GHOSTBUSTERS, where Dan A.’s character was a guest on Joe’s show (“How is Elvis and have you seen him lately?). Thanks for bringing back some great memories! Gary P.

  10. jsbruzina says:

    … the unleavened experience of a lifetime, my friends….

  11. TheFreeAdviceMan says:

    I spent many hours in Joe’s old Times Square office…full of piles of paper…news clips and what not! Memory Lane!
    Best, The Original New York City Free Advice Man, JP Fenyo.

  12. ortleyman says:

    I miss this show so much. 1 am channel 9. I also miss the sleazy Taxi Driver days of NYC. The city is too nice these days filled with phony wanna be’s that migrated here for status purposes.. Can’t relate to it anymore. Sad.

  13. Mangina9000 says:

    wait. what fucking idiot is saying joe franklin ripped off billy crystal?


  14. Mangina9000 says:

    holy shit, jeff krulik had his own channel.
    why didn’t I know this.
    hi Jeff. I still have the heavy metal parking lot shirt I bought from you for $5 in seattle.

  15. AfterHoursTC says:

    Joe Franklin is a true master of the air waves.

  16. loveelephants says:


  17. 37terraplane says:

    Yeah, and Billy Crystal got his Joe Franklin routine from me!! WE got to speak about it, and he admitted it to me….

  18. swelldame says:

    ripping off Billy Crystal???? Think about that for a moment….it is the other way around, Billy Crystal did a sketch based on Joe Franklin. Joe Franklin has been around FOREVER and is a true original!

  19. frohmusic says:

    i randomly bought Ghoul School and I just noticed and realised that Joe is in it!!!!

  20. FSTLT says:

    i have heard that this man has made a carreer out of ripping off other tv people like billy cristal///
    if you will rip off someone why not someone good///
    B I L L Y C R I S T A L ? ? ? ///

  21. Rollin558 says:

    As a former NY’er it was great to see Joe again.

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