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Jodie Foster in Mayberry RFD s1e8 1968

The Church Play, Jodie Foster’s first time on TV. Buddy Foster co-starring –for historical and educational purposes only
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16 Responses to “Jodie Foster in Mayberry RFD s1e8 1968”

  1. daven58100 says:

    3 bucks for gas. And he probably filled his pick-up.

  2. daven58100 says:

    @jjcatful Yes you are. Very. :p

  3. jjcatful says:

    Am I wrong.?…I want Ms. Edwards..

  4. sammydavisjrsr says:

    Millie is something special.

  5. coolbreeze161 says:

    thanks,I haven’t seen this program in decades.I rather watch this than the news.the world needs more humor.check out my videos on youtube[coolbreeze]

  6. yomie100 says:

    @rrhev I’m looking for that one too! So hard to find :o ( I didn’t even know that they got married until recently.

  7. Rollman1 says:

    Howard the town nerd

  8. sweetsweatyfeet says:

    You can recognize her voice even at six or seven—it sounds like Jodie foster.

  9. phsycoblah says:

    I have the feeling your a stalker of Jodie foster:P

  10. phsycoblah says:

    Man rfd wow I’ve been looking for this a long time it’s okay but it’s nothing compared to Andy Griffith show when Barney was there:)

  11. wreckage3001 says:

    @AzureFlameGod1986 6:08 first row on the right, 8:58 in the middle, 15:08 background, Buddy Foster helps his sister with the circlet, 17:44 her big scene, 18:34 the scene Buddy pretty much hated because he felt too old playing such a silly role-in-a-role plus singing, 19:13 in white. All in all not one minute of screen time. And nobody on this set had the slightest idea the Good Fairy is a future two times Academy Award winner…

  12. vanzarockin says:

    I think that’s Jodie playing The Good Fairy from 17:44 to 17:57.

  13. serg549999 says:

    Her first role)

  14. AzureFlameGod1986 says:

    Where is Jodie in this?

  15. wreckage3001 says:

    @rrhev Sorry, only have the episodes with a Jodie Foster in it ;)

  16. rrhev says:

    WOW! Mayberry RFD…this is a rare sight to find online. Thanks for uploading this. Do you have the first episode where Andy and Helen get married? Been looking for that one a long, long time…

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