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Joaquin Phoenix Bizarre Interview on Letterman: The New Andy Kaufman? –

So are you in the “Joaquin is on drugs and deeply disturbed camp?” or the “He’s having a laugh camp”. Either way, I can’t wait for that debut hip-hop album. Follow me on twitter @mjdasilva
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25 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix Bizarre Interview on Letterman: The New Andy Kaufman? –”

  1. love9436 says:

    @AtaTheAwesomeness yeah, is he acting, or is he really like weird? lol

  2. love9436 says:

    lol Joaqiun Pheonix looks like my Uncle :)

  3. cazwalkman says:

    does letterman know any other word than “tremendous”?

  4. aenyxx says:

    @ranners21 ahaha very clever sir.

  5. AtaTheAwesomeness says:

    is he on drugs? WTF?!

  6. CDanielzSpecialist says:

    Letterman “you see a lot of things that just make you confused and queezy.”
    little did he know that was exactly what he was about to be hooked into.

  7. KAJproductionsTM says:

    Wow people are easily swayed…… What he did is little different from what the borat guy did.

    1. risked his carrer CHECK
    2. acted his role on talk show’s and, made it convinceing CHECK

    is there something I’m missing….

  8. Wera9590xD says:

    Joaquin I love You <3!!
    Greetings from Poland :*:*;*!

  9. SafetyOrangeSock says:

    for those who don’t know, Joaquin is acting in this interview, he did this for a movie Letterman didn’t know about it until the interview he did this year in Sept.

  10. ben5251995 says:

    david letterman is not funny at all he is a douche and the only reason he has good ratings and is still on the air is because the guests he brings in to his show and entertaining and funny.

  11. TheAntiquarian says:

    I admire him as an actor, as he is quite talented (especially in Gladiator, Walk the Line), but I have to admit that Joaquin Phoenix looks hilarious with a beard, suit, and sunglasses here! This is definitely my favorite Letterman interview.

  12. BayesianMan says:

    Whys is everyone bashing Letterman? Not bad for on the fly; he had no idea it was an act.

  13. JinjaB123 says:

    letterman can suck a dick

  14. KAJproductionsTM says:

    Letterman is funny, end of story. He was trying to be civil and nice, the dude was being a retard. So, he treated him like such.

  15. KAJproductionsTM says:

    @BogiTors And, your a dumbass.. HIs little shit was an act.

  16. Fuladhadri says:

    he is too good.

  17. A4est says:

    I dont think joaquin is the new Andy Kaufman. how can you compare them when one is a brilliant actor and the other was a comic actor? Kaufman never starred in
    a great movie

  18. A4est says:

    If the truth be known sometimes we all act like asses. hee haw

  19. Hocaden81 says:

    Joaquin doesn’t look amused by his jokes.

  20. Denaeize says:

    David letterman is so horrible he kept breaking Joaquin’s heart. because he looked different.

  21. guitarist5477 says:

    man your all dumbasses, you dont even know that “Im Still Here” is a mockumentary Phoenix just shows how retarded the media and stupid people really are, when i first heard of all this news i knew it was fake and now its confirmed- this goes to those who have been puttin him down since 08

  22. PimpingRice says:

    David Letterman keeps shooting jokes haha

  23. EwanJanoski says:

    Letterman:What….what can you tell us about you’r days with the unabomber ?
    Joquin: I’ll kill you !!
    Letterman :-S , It’s just a little joke….

  24. stream469 says:

    4:24 is great. “I don’t know.” All that time spent in acting and being an enormous star, and he has no clue why he’s quitting?
    This interview is hilarious. I’m glad, for his sake, that it was all an act, however.

  25. ronmann606 says:

    Honestly I don’t think its an act even after hes said its an act.

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