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joan rivers show–the club youngsters

michael alig, james st. james, amanda lapore, leigh bowry, ernie glam on the joan rivers show

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25 Responses to “joan rivers show–the club youngsters”

  1. officialvangcreative says:

    @OhhAlanaRae yeah that’s really his movie… culkin as alig sucks… the same affectation to every line, and it’s an affectation that alig never used… so he sucked in it, imo.

  2. Violnplayr23 says:

    @andrika1990 Totally thought the same thing. I actually got here from an article i googled because I was wondering if anyone else had thought the same thing.

  3. Violnplayr23 says:

    “They’re not hurtin anybody!” lmao

  4. HarrysSecret says:

    @TheGfierce Yeah, well she needs to develop her own style and not ride on the shoulders of giants.

    She’s a great singer though.

  5. MrsPoodle78 says:

    Amanda looked so much better before the plastic surgery!

  6. TheGfierce says:

    @HarrysSecret its not copying, its tributing, she admits it

  7. MsMeanmuggin says:

    amanda looked really good back then. ashame about all that plastic surgery she did to her face. :(

  8. kjmiller1000 says:


  9. CrissyRedcrow says:

    Amanda WAS so beautiful, wow, now she’s…well not.

  10. TheDerekVinyard says:

    Thumbs up if you’re here because of “Party Monster”.

  11. HarrysSecret says:

    @ger6111 She lacks originality.

    She should just stick to singing because style and fashion is not her thing at all.

    She is a great singer though, I’m not disputing her talent for that.

  12. ger6111 says:

    @HarrysSecret shes a kid doing n trying shit she wants, how dare she take ideas and make-em her own!!
    (ppl find a new “trendy” complaint! this one is boooring)

  13. kaptinkarr says:

    @OhhAlanaRae damn straght

  14. DonnaCherry9109 says:

    “not hurting anybody.”

  15. GenoClown says:

    @HarrysSecret And Madonna. And Dale Bozzio.

  16. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    HAHA I LOVE Amanda!!! Thank you for saying that “Hollywood”/CA is not glamorous!!!! SO TRUE.

  17. chica476 says:

    Thank god some people get out of this phase… jesus christ…

  18. silenteyes333 says:

    Amanda reminds me of Courtney Love.
    Or Courtney Love reminds me of Amanda.

  19. kjmiller1000 says:

    Amanda Lepore, WOW <3

  20. catbug666 says:

    what a corspe was JOAN JEW RIVERS was…..

  21. whatsername1234 says:

    @Lazie18up just Michael and he was high… =[

  22. Lazie18up says:

    I am sorry, but they all seemed really witty. It is a shame the way they turned out.

  23. ClubKidOfficial says:

    Ψ Ψ Ψ g e t P S Y C H O n o w Ψ Ψ Ψ – THUMBS UP IF YOU ARE A CLUBKID!

  24. zombielust1969 says:

    @jeanpauldu Leigh was married for about 7 months before he passed away from AIDS….

  25. dool3r says:

    ahahahaha 1:50 how is he even talking

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