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joan rivers show–the club kids

michael alig, james st. james, amanda lapore, leigh bowry, ernie glam on the joan rivers show
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25 Responses to “joan rivers show–the club kids”

  1. 60Brooklyn says:

    omg, amanda looked so much better then than she does now with her big lips.

  2. gyqz says:

    Leigh Bowery…may he rest in peace!!!! Amanda LePore…don’t anyone dish on you, because you are still a beaut!! The rest of the club kids: carry on and teach the next generation!!!

  3. TaraClubKidz says:

    Jesus! This vid is what its about LOL :P The scene looks the same today!

  4. PoopPeeSandwich says:

    There not hurting anyone, well, is beating someone’s brains in with a hammer, hurting someone?

  5. HarajukuEthan says:

    Amanda is GlaMOUR

  6. sangsuicidaires says:

    @Justsmoke42O amanda lepore? she looks like that… all the time…..

  7. Justsmoke42O says:

    Or left I mean, excuse me for being dumb

  8. Justsmoke42O says:

    Okay can someone answer my question….

    what the FUCK is that “guy” on the right supposed to be?!?!

  9. JoseGabriel6 says:

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  10. DTownMichelle says:

    @thisONEguy27 lol

  11. thisONEguy27 says:

    you spelled ‘weirdo’ wrong. It’s actually spelled: w-h-o-r-e.
    trust me, i’m a 3rd grade spelling bee champion.

  12. DTownMichelle says:

    @ccarozzo75 lady gaga is an overrated weirdo

  13. BlueSwirlingRaindrop says:

    @matboy891 because for some stupid reason certain people think i am a gay guy (mainly because of my name) haha ya right. I am just a really nice girl who accepts everyone for who they are. don’t worry i am not mad at you for asking. at least you wanted to know. take care.

  14. matboy891 says:

    @BlueSwirlingRaindrop what does female have to do with anything? just asking

  15. 45petrus says:

    Love the club kids

  16. BlueSwirlingRaindrop says:

    God! Michael is gorgeous as ever, sucks that he is in jail. But it’s best for him right now (LOVE YA MICHAEL)..Good God!! JAMES ST. James is amazing and stunning as usualy. Amanda gorgeous babe!
    For everyone’s information I am a female and 18! :) Gotta love them

  17. AkaLeeBeats says:

    @ccarozzo75 What about the fact that she has a cock?

  18. SartiMatteo says:

    @TCSutube11 moral confusion? Destruction? ARE YOU A FASCIST VEGETARIAN MONSTER FROM MARS? have you ever heard the word “interesting” in your lifey lifey life?

  19. JASONZx6R says:

    @SartiMatteo – Im just tired of GAGA period. she not fresh, and she needs to stick to ‘music’ and quit feelin the need to comment on everything

  20. SartiMatteo says:

    i am so tired of seeing Lady Gaga’s name on EVERY MOTHERFUCKING video i’m happen to watch on youtube.
    guys please chill out, this is getting ridicolous.

  21. TCSutube11 says:

    man-o-man or is that freak-o-freak…These are attention starved freak-a-zoids that have caused drug induced excessiveness & moral confusion & destruction…case closed ~

  22. ramynagy3 says:

    @venuslovechain95 I made my comment before I saw yours!
    wasn’t that a little funny? ;P

  23. ramynagy3 says:

    “All you wanna do is have a good time in life and not hurt anyone…”

    hah! the irony…

  24. gotafacelikemurderx says:

    @venuslovechain95 exactly what i thought, a quick scroll down and it appears i wasn’t the only one to catch that. so past tense, they weren’t hurting anyone. either way, it wasn’t their attire that hurt anyone. live and let live.

  25. badboyfrvr says:

    @ccarozzo75 Not at all. Lady does what they did in a different way.

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