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Joan Rivers Show 1990: “Queen of Mean,” Leona Helmsley

The Joan River’s Show: Helmsley executives speak out for the first time after the famous tax evasion trial Leona Helmsley.

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23 Responses to “Joan Rivers Show 1990: “Queen of Mean,” Leona Helmsley”

  1. seyahable says:

    You are the bomb Joan Rivers – amazing people like you make the world an interesting place to live .. loveyah …

  2. cjs33139 says:

    @filmguybri So being around her for 6 months makes you an expert on her and her personality, her behavior around others when not with you or in your presence? Oh pleaseeeeee. I have been on this planet long enough to know that most people have two sides: the good side they want their friends to see and the evil bitch/asshole they want their enemies and peons to see.

  3. filmguybri says:

    I knew Leona when she was Leona Roberts. The best teacher on real estate, I learned so much from her in the 6 months of study. I got to know her as a per-son, and that person is nothing like the Leona being described in this video! In fact all of the people that had hateful things to say about her during her life and after sure dont mind taking advantage of the many programs her Foundations funds each year! Queen of Mean Yeah Right! Idiots!!!!!!!

  4. GodsFavoriteBassPlyr says:

    From all the evidence presented, it appears that she had a severe chemical imbalance that went unchecked. She was also a brilliant manipulator.. and knew how to push buttons to draw people in.

    That’s the way this psychosis works: You are constantly testing boundaries.. In the beginning, she’s charming to a fault.. and very quickly begins to try and throw you off base through the anger and bullying… So that over time, you are conditioned to the behavior and lose the overall big picture.

  5. wood326 says:

    Untreated Bi-polar? Alahana Grundy syndrome? I think Women can be strong and good business people but respectful and fair —is this possible?

  6. wood326 says:

    He IS very cute—-that guy on the right—-And why was she so mean? Psychopath? Unhappy?

  7. bungoose says:

    sad very sad

  8. haruhistnumber5 says:

    @nitsudg Ha. I was just thinking the same think. Hot!

  9. commondollar says:

    shes a billionaire of course she is going to be cunty and mean….

  10. jebby16 says:

    How old are you, five?

  11. jebby16 says:

    I think “the Lioness” suffered from the disorder that the Roman emperor Caligula, my mother-in-law, and many other people suffered from, Narcissistic Personality disorder.

  12. danamaddy says:

    She was a cunt who cared for no one

  13. lemurianfrog says:

    lol cheap shot :P but so true and so funny lol

  14. Azurju says:

    It’s so strange seeing Joan’s face move with different expression.

  15. Dundon100 says:

    Fuckin money hungry cunt, shes not cold wherever she is

  16. spearmintanthony says:

    Your mom is pretty good looking for an older guy.

  17. nitsudg says:

    That guy on the right is cute for an older guy

  18. botox4u says:

    very good

  19. dudemantwo says:

    waddledick…what racial stereotype?

  20. a1sspiked says:

    who should she have been giving “HER” money to? her husband, and her earned, its NO ONES but theres. If they want to share it, fine, if not TOUGH. People should get over it.

  21. waddleduckie1 says:

    I don’t like the worthless Leona Helmsley. She fits the racial stereotype of someone who hoards money. I bet most anti zionists hoard money to spread Islam about. In Helmsley’s circumstances is that she’s greedy for other reasons.

  22. andrewrosso says:

    i taught this was about tax evation? she has 500K on her face

  23. greatinnumbers says:

    What, no video responses? DAM, she was a bitch, hehe, what a hell of Life. Satan

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