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Jimmy Osmond and HR Puff ‘N Stuff

Jimmy Osmond and HR Puff ‘N Stuff perform “For Your Applause” on the Donny and Marie Show.

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14 Responses to “Jimmy Osmond and HR Puff ‘N Stuff”

  1. gypsylady64 says:


  2. willobi says:

    iam gonna puke with this one !

  3. melollylolly says:

    as a kid; Jimmy Osmond was so adorable….

  4. poohnpotterfan says:

    I loved Jimmy growing up!! I used to tell everyone I was going to marry him…..see how well that turned out!! :) They actually did film alot of the show live, because I went to a taping when I was a kid. I think they just sweetened it, because it wasn’t a very big audience. It seemed to mainly be just friends & family there, if I remember right.

  5. GroverKent says:

    Never mind, I read up about it, and my hunch was correct; most laughs for the laugh track used for all of these sitcoms were either taken from The Lucy Show or The Red Skelton Show.

  6. GroverKent says:

    Whoa, I always thought that show was also in front of a live audience, too…

    Or do you mean they just recorded actual audience laughter, like some shows use laugh tracks recorded from the audience of I love Lucy?

  7. wollauq says:

    I have heard that all show use the same laugh track and that it is from the Red Skeleton show.

  8. GroverKent says:

    I always thought The Donny and Marie Show was in front of a live audience only, but it’s clear they also used a laugh track as a sweetening tool; I’ve heard the distinct laugh at 0:39 on such shows as Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, M*A*S*H, I even managed to download it among others to use on a sitcom I’m working on (I want that old school look, sound, and feel, lol).

  9. SpikeMichaels says:

    I think that’s the point…

  10. N0Sdog says:


  11. familygal70 says:

    How great is this?!

  12. classycassie2 says:


  13. silviamag says:

    this wonderful too
    Thank you for sharing with all of Jimmy┬┤s fans

  14. seungwoo21 says:

    Another Fantastic one!!
    Looks at him in childhood the performance, the present Jimmy charm has
    let the person be crazy! ! ha ha~~ ^^

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