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Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno’s 10 at 10

Jay Leno interviews Jimmy Kimmel via satellite for the Jay Leno Show’s Ten at Ten
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno’s 10 at 10”

  1. RelaxNplay64 says:

    ooh this was hard to watch very awkward yet very very true lol

  2. 20bShawn says:

    I love Jimmy for keeping ripping on Leno

  3. JBotello88 says:

    I watch both shows, but I like jimmy better…

  4. 94Cioppa says:

    @Metakkrist yea…

  5. Metakkrist says:

    @94Cioppa Leno haters represent the most pathetic people of society

  6. 94Cioppa says:

    Leno’s audience represents the dumbest people of society

  7. TheServiceWeb says:


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  8. brax0789 says:

    After i saw this i cheated on Leno with Kimmel.. i no longer watch Jay Leno

  9. Indabaz says:

    god love you Kimmel

  10. shleyL says:

    I haven’t seen one person with a chin like Jay Leno.

  11. hfield07 says:

    Leno had to hate every second of this

  12. ducksfan15109 says:

    Leno got a taste of his own medicine. Old fuck. I still miss Conan at 11:35 and Fallon at 12:35, that was the perfect 1-2 punch.

  13. WyattParr88 says:

    I never watched Conan when he moved to the 11:35 time slot. I knew NBC would dilute his style of comedy so that it would relate better to Ma & Pa Tractorbible out in the Plains.

  14. StFaceKillah says:

    This was the most laughter Leno ever got on his show.

  15. Jontish316 says:

    @GarshardJeVard Wow, read a newspaper or something.

  16. neinsager says:

    that was funny yet kind of painful to watch.

  17. MasTriste says:

    That was the single greatest PWNage EVER on live TV!

  18. circasurvive04 says:

    hahahahah I LOVE THAT MAN
    eat your heart out Leno!!…fucken theif.

  19. GarshardJeVard says:

    Jay Leno will always be the greatest late night talk show host.

  20. GarshardJeVard says:

    @UtubeHyperboleGuy He makes it funny though. That’s why when Conan had the tonight show nobody watched so they brought jay leno back.

  21. DoctorTNT says:

    Jay Leno Howard stern

  22. kenigma79 says:

    I enjoy a fine wine on occasion.

  23. susanochka says:

    Kimmel is GOD

  24. so0yeah says:

    @UtubeHyperboleGuy he doesnt do any of that.

  25. 1Psykey28 says:

    Jasmine Rios wrote an original high school graduation song…worth watching! “These Are Our Days.”

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