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Jimmy Gets Shot Dear Sister Style (Hide and Seek) aka DRAKE GETS SHOT

My take on The OC’s second season finale using the Degrassi shooting. Music by Imogen Heap. Funny? Sad? Whatever, I was insanely bored. The OC (original): SNL Spoof: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”
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25 Responses to “Jimmy Gets Shot Dear Sister Style (Hide and Seek) aka DRAKE GETS SHOT”

  1. MrFreshxKicks says:

    why is this nigga covered in pizza sauce im confused

  2. Giovani5127 says:

    Get shot on Degrassi, turn rapper. lmfao

  3. Magmaboy231 says:

    Sopranos moment..

  4. 1nublu says:

    @LittleMissDegrassi THATS WHERE I SAW HIM, goddamit, i’ve been figuring out, where the fuck i saw him before his music career

  5. MrSuccess1998 says:

    I would have taken the gun with my sweater because of my fingerprints and smacked the shit out of the dude. Besides, he ran the same direction the guy was gonna shoot.

  6. writersblock26 says:

    Thank you for posting this, selliepwns.

  7. kb24589 says:

    @extremepsychogamer because the dude who had the gun got pranked or something by some other bullies I can’t remember and he thought Jimmy did it so he took his dad’s gun and you know shot him

  8. extremepsychogamer says:

    so why does that guy shoot jimmy?

  9. lolz0009 says:


  10. Ubanator7 says:


  11. JoeSchmo1510 says:

    that is the only gansta thing drake has done

  12. Cuthroat559 says:

    hes like uhhhhh. do it for the realist niggas in the fucking game right now … she will she will she will..

  13. toby100035 says:

    @dmoshandsom I just don’t like it, my personal taste is different.

  14. SnapperBiiMark says:

    Drake: Is that real?
    Rick: The whole time you pretended to be my friend…
    LOL just ignores him.

  15. dmoshandsom says:

    @toby100035 y…..wats to hate

  16. alexberry50 says:

    @mrsilikealot he’s not the one that did the prank

  17. mrsilikealot says:

    he shot him because drake had did a prank on him so he got mad at shot him

  18. BriaCoolio says:

    The dude who shot him looked creepy.:(

  19. jellyteddybear says:

    @99DLH99 well duhh lol I still had to say it though :p

  20. KidT3rboThaJerk says:

    they shoulda did it with this exact song in the song

  21. 99DLH99 says:

    @jellyteddybear It’s called….Scripted Tv show

  22. RSClassicAngel says:

    @MelonSquares This song wasn’t in the original clip.

  23. RSClassicAngel says:

    @LittleMissDegrassi I agree with everything in your comment. Miss old Degrassi.

  24. toby100035 says:

    I hate drake as a rapper, I wish he would have just stuck with acting!

  25. toby100035 says:

    @LittleMissDegrassi I think he is a horrible rapper, but I loved this show back in the day.

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