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Jetsons: The Movie

Jetsons: The Movie

When George Jetson and his family move to a remote space colony as part of a promotion at work, they discover that the company’s factory is affecting

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5 Responses to “Jetsons: The Movie”

  1. Underground Reborn says:

    Review by Underground Reborn for Jetsons: The Movie
    First of all, I am so happy that this movie is finally being released. The Jetsons are without a doubt, one of the most beloved television familes that have ever graced the small screen. Like the Simpsons, they are one of the very few to have graced the big screen in full animated glory.

    This movie is a very meaningful one for many reasons. It was the final performances of George O’Hannlon (George Jetson) and Mel Blanc (Mr. Spacely and a great deal of additional cartoon characters) Unfortunatly these gifted men lost their lives in the middle of the filming and you can definitely hear it in the voice of George in bit parts. This was also one of the first animated films to use a very primitive 3-D computer animation. Unfortunatly, I only got to see this movie when it was put on video so I cannot wait to try it out on my 42 inch plasma! It was also a movie that really kept the true elements of the Jetsons show intact with just a few new spins. Some examples would the new home, the music videos of songs done perfectly by Tiffany and also messages about perserving the environment which was just starting to become a topic of major concern in the late 1980′s early 1990′s

    The Jetsons The Movie is one of my all time favorites and it is classic in my eyes. It is non stop fun with a little of everything. This true space age family is one of the few that should be preserved for many generations to come to let them know that back then TV family was a true treasure to behold.

    Now that I finally have the movie in my hands I will say this. I don’t care if there are no crazy special features I just have the movie and that’s all I Wanted!!!

  2. Matt Charles says:

    Review by Matt Charles for Jetsons: The Movie
    I am SOOO unhappy with this DVD! :(

    I have been waiting for a VERY long time for this DVD and it comes in a Single-Disc, Barebone No Bonus Features, No Scene Section, Matted Widescreen, not Remastered Edition! :x

    What gives?!?!?!

    Jetsons: The Movie is a classic and to me should have been treated as one! I am still happy that I finally have it on some form on DVD. Even though it is very upsetting DVD release. :(

  3. Scott says:

    Review by Scott for Jetsons: The Movie
    I was so excited when I found this old movie on my shelf. I remember liking it a lot back in the day when I was a kid. This time when I watched it though, I was surprised to see it drag in several places. George goes through the same comic routine of getting caught in the sprocket machine several times, and it takes forever for someone to come up with an idea of staying in the plant after working hours to figure out what’s causing all the trouble.

    Then again, the film has some definite highlights. It’s fun seeing the wonders of the Jetsons’ new home, and most of the songs are surprisingly good, except for the one or two awful rap songs. Rap was EVERYWHERE at this time. Most embarassing thing of the 90′s if you ask me.

    The movie starts getting a little environmentally preachy near the end, without much comic relief to lighten it up and make it easy to swallow.

    Good for a rental if you have kids I guess, but the TV show had to be a lot better.

  4. Hastor says:

    Review by Hastor for Jetsons: The Movie
    When they made this movie, they recorded the voices with the original cast. Before release they thought that it would help marketing to replace Janet Waldo’s voice with Tiffany’s. If this were a new creation that would have been fine, but everyone knows what Judy Jetson is supposed to sound like, and it isn’t Tiffany. I don’t think enough people knew or cared about this to affect ticket sales anyways. Since they did record the whole movie initially with Janet Waldo as Judy, if that recording still exists, when this makes it to DVD it should have an alternate track with the original vocals. It wouldn’t be hard to do, but movies like this rarely get much love on DVD. Hanna-barbera has given a lot of love to their series sets though, but since Universal and MCA are mixed up in this one, I’d be surprised to get more than a bare-bones movie disc.

  5. Paul Jutras says:

    Review by Paul Jutras for Jetsons: The Movie
    With everyone putting down The Jetsons and comparing them to the Flintstones with the recently release season box sets I wanted to say that it good to have some decent enjoyable animation out there compared to the garbage that get passed off for entertaiment today. This movie had such great songs I had to buy the soundtrack to go with it and the story line and new characters brought new life to an old series. Well worth addting to anyone home video collection.

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