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Jerry Fielding – McMillan and Wife

Theme to the Mystery Movie series McMillan and Wife, composed by Jerry Fielding. This version arranged by Norrie Paramour.
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16 Responses to “Jerry Fielding – McMillan and Wife”

  1. solamenteyoysoloyo says:

    Does anyone know how the song is called?

  2. tortythetortoise says:

    This was one of my favorite tv shows of all time!!! I’m only annoyed because these two things happened 1: Rock Hudson shaved the moustache off in the begginning of season 2, and 2: Susan Saint James’s character Sally had two pregnancies in this show and they were not even acknowledged in later episodes.

  3. outand38 says:

    One correction STMG1: While S&H and the Angels were filmed at Fox, they were actually Aaron Spelling Shows. Except for Vega$ (on location) and the original Fantasy Island (Warner Brothers), he leased space at Fox to film many of his shows.

  4. SomeOfTheAnswers says:

    @SteveTheMovieGuy1, those were the days when Universal City Studios had a major lock on the television drama arena. All the shows in the NBC Mystery Movie collection were copyright by Universal. Then there’s Rockford Files (my favorite drama of all time) that was also a Universal show. 20th Century Fox had some shows too (like Starsky & Hutch and Charlie’s Angels). But I never found the programs to be as good as those controlled by Universal.

  5. azusaukon says:


  6. zerokomma says:

    Jerry Fielding rocks

  7. livia1962 says:

    SteveTheMovieGuy1 :
    Thanks from Mèxico City, I am total fan of the TV series 70′ & 80, but, McMillan&Wife ad UFO my favorites, thanks again

  8. tortythetortoise says:

    Just found out that the rest of the seasons are being put out on DVD this summer I can’t wait to buy them all!!!

  9. magnapack says:

    Love this music! I’ve been searching for this forever! It is available on CD?

  10. bjroberts65 says:

    Jerry is THE MAN!!!

  11. azusaukon says:


  12. SteveTheMovieGuy1 says:

    @yrhodesian Yep, totally in agreement with you on that.

  13. yrhodesian says:

    I can remember the early 70′s as much for this show as anything else.Lighthearted,
    fun, carefree.Better days gonebye.

  14. colong88 says:

    Sadly, not all the NBC Mystery Movies were well received and only Columbo, McMillan & Wife and McCloud saw three seasons or more. Banacek would have gone into a third season as well, had George Peppard not split from his then wife and not wanted to share the takings on that show with her.

  15. SteveTheMovieGuy1 says:

    The whole NBC Mystery Movie series were one of the the last great hurrah’s of syndicated TV. What with this, Banacek, McCloud, Columbo, Cool Million, Tenafly, Amy Prentiss, Hec Ramsay, and even an ill-judged spin off of Madigan there was so much talent on display. And all of them had memorable themes like this one. I may dig up some more soon…

  16. zerokomma says:

    Great one….

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