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  1. Aurora Dawn says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best rendition of Jeopardy Yet!, November 7, 2010
    Aurora Dawn (Provo, UT) –
    Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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    This review is from: Jeopardy (Video Game)

    My husband and I are trivia buffs and like to play Jeopardy together, so needless to say we have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game for nearly a year. It has not disappointed! I am glad that THQ is who released it as they did a great job, and it is arguably the best video game version of Jeopardy yet to be released. First off, I should explain that I am playing it more for the trivia and actual game play aspect than the bells and whistles like customizable miis and earning cute little new outfits.

    The game play is great. You can skip through the in-game videos. It DOES NOT have to be multiple choice, which I was worried about. If you play in medium or hard modes, you have to input your own answer. In medium mode, after you type in 3 letters the game predicts what answer you’re looking for. In hard mode, it does so after you have typed 5 letters. There is also a custom mode which you allows you to choose the difficulty of the questions as well as whether you use multiple choice, or 3 to 5 letter “predictive text”. They have done an amazing job with Alex…his mii character is great and they have used his actual voice for the questions. I had no problem getting my mii imported in and this game contains mini games which I thought I would hate, but they are actually fun. They are in between question sets and that is how you earn extra outfits and extra set changes. I have yet to use this with Wii Speak, so I cannot review that aspect of game play. I do know though that with Mii Speak you have to use the multiple choice option, which is why I haven’t used it…I think multiple choice defeats the point of Jeopardy.

    To buzz in, you hit the A button on the Wiimote. You are then led to a screen with the alphabet on the bottom. You click on either the first 3 or 5 letters in your answer, depending on your difficulty settings, and then in the top left portion of the screen 1 or more answers will pop up to choose from. You then click on the correct answer with the Wiimote and then hit the 2 button and Alex will either cheer or jeer. You are allotted plenty of time to select your answer and you do not have to phrase it in the form of a question.

    I only have four minor complaints about this game:
    1- Even though it isn’t multiple choice on medium and hard modes, once you type a couple letters of an answer in it predicts the answer you are typing, which on certain categories (like “words containing brown”)it can get cheap.
    2- The Final Jeopardy question is multiple choice.
    3- There are only 2400 questions in the game, which at 60 questions per game only allows 40 games to be played until you begin to receive repeating clues. There is no option for downloadable content.
    4- There are a couple of programming glitches in the game. One time I got dinged for putting Martin Luther King Jr. as the answer for a question about who delivered the “I Have a Dream” speech. The game told me I should have only selected Martin Luther King. This game, at times, seems to have been programmed in a hurry and is not very willing to accept variations of an answer at times.

    All in all this is a great game which I highly recommend! It is well done and I have a lot of fun playing it! I am hoping for a sequel produced by the same company.

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  2. Skooter says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Missed opportunity with Wii Speak, November 17, 2010
    Skooter (USA) –
    Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Jeopardy (Video Game)

    The game itself is fun if you like Jeopardy or trivia games in general. The audio is great. Someone in the other room would hardly be able to tell if you’re playing the game or watching it on TV. As far as difficulty, the questions are pretty standard Jeopardy stuff, so if you find yourself only answering one or two questions while watching the show it may be a little too difficult for you. It’s definitely not for children unless they just happen to know a LOT of trivia. There are also 3 different difficulty level settings for the questions, so there should be challenging questions for everyone (except Ken Jennings, or course!)

    You can choose whether you answer the questions as multiple choice (3 choices) or type it in. Once you type the first few letters (3 or 5 depending on the setting) a list of words come up, so you don’t have to type the entire response.

    My biggest gripe about this game is the horrible implementation of the Wii Speak. I bought both the game and the Wii Speak thinking that I would be able to call out the answers just like the real show. What I didn’t know (and the box doesn’t tell you) is that if you’re using Wii Speak with the game, it’s multiple choice. It doesn’t matter what difficulty level you set, it tells you that multiple choice is the only option if you’re using the Wii Speak. This defeats the purpose of using the Wii Speak.

    If you’re not using the Wii speak, then you can type in the answers on Medium and Hard difficulty levels (no multiple choice) but when you’re using the Wii Speak, it’s always multiple choice. On top of that, you have to speak painfully slow and loud for the thing to understand what you’re saying, and have absolutely no background noise or chatter. You usually have to repeat yourself several times before it understands you.

    Overall, it’s still fun to play. It’s just frustrating to see how poorly the Wii Speak functionality was executed. If you like Jeopardy, it’s definitely worth buying… just don’t bother with the Wii Speak.

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  3. Jon C. says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Jeopardy! game yet, well worth $30., November 11, 2010
    Jon C.
    Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Jeopardy (Video Game)

    My girlfriend and I are huge Jeopardy! fans. We watch the show every day and are very competitive with each other. I bought this as a surprise for weekend visit and we were both very pleased with the game. I have played other versions of the game on the PC or online and this version blows them all out of the water. To answer questions about the nuts and bolts of the game, you buzz in with the Wiimote and answer in different ways depending on the difficulty level. On easy mode it is multiple choice; on medium you type the first 3 letters of your response in and it generates a list of possible choices to speed typing; on hard you must type the first 5 letters in to generate a list. There are also mini games in between rounds which unlocks prizes, such as clothing, logos, and concept art. I cannot comment on Wii speak since I don’t have it.

    - Challenging questions
    - Fun cartoon-style characters
    - Unlockable prizes add a sense of accomplishment
    - Easy to input responses
    - Relatively cheap compared to other games (return on investment for time of enjoyment is high)

    - Limited question base (2400+ clues, 60 clues per game means you can only play about 40 games)
    - Some minor technical bugs (photo and text mixups)
    - One could cheat if they don’t know a response by clever use of game mechanics, specifically from the auto-generated list

    If you like trivia games and Jeopardy! you should buy this. Enjoy it for what it is. Hopefully they come out with a second installment which fixes the minor complaints and adds even more clues.

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