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Jeapordy – Alex Trebek Laughs at Contestant

Alex Trebek, host of Jeapordy laughs at 1 contestant’s incorrect answer. Hilarity insues. I do not claim to own any part of this or any other video.

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25 Responses to “Jeapordy – Alex Trebek Laughs at Contestant”

  1. ctapgoy says:

    This is my FAV video of Tribek lol

  2. mylifeasdez says:

    Hahahahahahaha that’s fuckin awesome how her face jus changes

  3. edtronic says:


  4. TheThegreatmarvin says:

    Damn!!! Lolololololol

  5. TheThegreatmarvin says:

    Kokomo ok

  6. TheThegreatmarvin says:

    Lollipop ok!!!!!

  7. Remeez1000 says:


  8. JackAttack363 says:

    Press 3 for lulz.

  9. generalcircle says:


    He LULZed at that kitchen worker.

  10. mettalideth01 says:

    Going for color, not for size. Hahaha Thats what she said

  11. adi1096 says:


    lol someone should make a video like that just use their voice or little kids voice to say “Alex Trebek! I’m your biggest fan! Can I please have your´╗┐ autograph?” and then play the clip from this thats says Ahahahahahah No.

  12. BTbass says:

    Alex Trebek! I’m your biggest fan! Can I please have your autograph?

    hahahahaha! No.

  13. insanevictor says:

    hahaha holy shit thats funny, freaking Trebek, you rude genius you

  14. insanevictor says:

    hahaha holy shit thats funny, freak Trebek, you rude genius you

  15. V3RM1LI0N says:

    hahahahaha nou

  16. MAriNeMandM says:

    Sounds like a robot.

  17. sjstazz96 says:

    hahahahahaha no.

  18. OlderBrotherCo says:

    Can you say, Alex’s had a bad day?

  19. 123MrBee says:

    Even some guy in the audience loses it when he hears this. epic.

  20. BloddyVjj says:

    alex you cold blooded son of a bitch, i love you for that…epic!!!

  21. MrEmceeDow says:


  22. Underoathdude75 says:


  23. Ronracer says:


  24. watermelonygoodness says:

    Lmao you can hear the crowd act so surprised that he laughed…

  25. rougejedi5 says:

    RUBE-I-CUND You dumb whore

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