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Jay Thomas’ “Lone Ranger” Story

Sit back and enjoy one of the best stories in talk-show history.

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25 Responses to “Jay Thomas’ “Lone Ranger” Story”

  1. Ronclown says:

    Geez, good true story. Never expect that to ever happen. Did the Lone Ranger give the guy autographs. I met the Lone Ranger and he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He, truly, was a hero kids could look upto.

  2. LisesiHanna says:

    Make you date with naughty woman ******

  3. AbuAvital says:

    @AryanKnight Oh you believe this but not the holocaust? Why because your lot failed to kill everyone?

  4. 1967knyght says:

    I had the honor of meeting Clayton Moore when i was a kid in Jacksonville,Fla.It was during the time that the movie studio was suing him not to wear the lone ranger suit anymore cuz they were making a new movie(DUMBASSES).He was everything a boy could hope he would be.He was gracious,funny and kind.I told him just what i thot of the studio.He got a big kick out of someone from my generation knowing who he was.I said”Are you kidding?you ARE the LONE RANGER”…..true story. 1979

  5. OpWo45 says:

    OMG, I so love it

  6. rewind64155 says:

    I look forward to this every year at Xmas time. I hope Dave continues to have Jay on every year to tell this story. Basically the same story, but it does get better every year. I’ve watched every single year.

  7. AryanKnight says:

    -Hahaaaaaaaa! -wonderfully related story of a unique youthful-hero event into real-life; –a truly refreshing revelation after all the never ending totally BS anti-German HoloHoax-fables so often spewed-out by jew-bigots on TV/Radio/Internet. The righteous climax of his conflict with rude Buick-driver, upon emergence of LoneRanger from the ramshackled Volvo- “They’ll Believe Me, -Citizen” –What’th “Oh, I Didn’t Know it was You” –as if he was under arrest by everyone’s Hero! -terrific thankx.

  8. jaydee624 says:

    One of the funniest storiesa ive ever heard.thanks Jay.

  9. loungelizard5000 says:

    Classic !

  10. GmanMusicProductions says:

    I look forward to Jay coming on every year to tell this story, Hillarious!

  11. AffectionateDan says:

    I never get tired of this story!

  12. brimhall7 says:

    @TheIMC8 I didnt mean to hurt your feelings… Sorry.

  13. Mr508films says:

    One of the best stories i have ever heard!!!!

  14. TheIMC8 says:

    THIS is a great story..pussy

  15. Pentep says:

    Cool story bro

  16. dannyvanore says:

    Great story!

  17. bobthekochka says:

    That is a classic :-)

  18. brimhall7 says:

    There goes 3:38 of my life.

  19. dandydonaldo says:

    “We would get herbed up!”

  20. 99mxylptlk says:


  21. CharlesBartowskiHere says:

    Last Christmas we showed this to our parents and grandparents who had never heard this story and it was the biggest laugh we had together all night. GoodTimes,GoodTimes

  22. FlaviaR says:

    “The REAL Lone Ranger” – Jay Thomas got it right on the nose! Clayton Moore will always been the real Lone Ranger! – & he proved it that night!

  23. suebosek says:

    This just totally made my day! if you have a few minutes, watch it! Hilarious!!

  24. GizmoMack says:

    @theirisroom I live in Oakdale where Radio Rd. is located. You’re right….those were good times….Jay ruled the airwaves for a good while.

  25. GizmoMack says:

    @davetileguy he’s right…a lot of them are, but certainly not all of them…tea partiers are just as bad as liberals, IMHO. Democrats and Republicans both suck. Our two-party system NEEDS to be crumpled up and reworked.

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