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Jay Robinson – Dr. Shrinker / Dr. Deathray of the Krofft Superstars

Of all the television I watched as a child, one villain stands out in my mind to this day. Jay Robinson, the prolific character actor, created the characterization of the evil

Jay Robinson of the Krofft Supershow

Jay Robinson as Dr. Shrinker/Dr. Deathray

Dr. Shrinker on the Krofft Supershow in 1976. Dr. Shrinker tormented Brad, B.J. and Gordie after having shrunk them with a shrink ray. Despite an incredibly formulaic plot, Dr. Shrinker captivated my imagination (granted I was a preschooler.)

Later, Dr. Shrinker was retooled into Dr. Deathray in the revamped Krofft Superstars. Robinson played a variety of roles in the Krofft Superstars. Dr. Deathray was featured in the Lost Island segments.

Jay Robinson’s voice and delivery combined to make an incredibly menacing villain.

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