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Jay Leno’s Initial Stand-up Appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” – 1977

Jay Leno makes his first stand-up appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1977.
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25 Responses to “Jay Leno’s Initial Stand-up Appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” – 1977”

  1. wendym1234 says:

    Wow, so funny to see him so young and so ‘green’ (literarily too!)! Come on guys- you must have remembered at first sucking in your careers and first jobs… Until you got it right!

  2. ckocher says:

    OMG he DIED in Burbank in 1977. How did he ever get a second chance, much less end up taking over?

  3. ibanezatleti says:

    @1waka2laka you english speak very no will .

  4. elvis4all says:

    Ouch. This is painful. I read his autobiography (which is hilarious) and he said that months before this, Carson saw him at a club and told him he wasn’t ready for the Tonight Show. That he needed to add more jokes. Glad he made it one, but it looks like on his debut he still wasn’t ready…

  5. achapmanize says:

    Alvy Singer was also on The Tonight Show in 1977.

  6. joeyguitarlo says:

    At this point in his career, nobody had any idea that he would take over the tonight show..twice.

  7. Flerg3 says:

    bill hicks

  8. CrazyAssault says:


  9. Erieskies says:

    i fell asleep

  10. MrButtbanger says:


  11. chr4522 says:

    There are videos on YouTube of much worse stand up acts that don’t have nearly as low as an approval rating. Those who let their opinion of a man influence their judgement of the quality of his performance loose all credibility in their judgement. That being said, this act is not very good.

  12. camy205 says:

    He does have a very wierd voice.

  13. roloug95 says:

    how oh how oh how did he become famous?

  14. jbmaney says:

    The only reason hes gotten anywhere is because of his awkward face and his abnormally large chin. lol

  15. sumotaby says:

    @LonesomeTroubadour Agreed. He has kinda gone down hill after the Connan/late show time slot things. People say Leno isn’t funny but Iv seen him at stand-up twice and he made me laugh so hard till I had trouble breathing. People need to just stop following the B**ch train.

  16. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    Leno’s was and is an extremely funny guy, some people on here just like to hear a lot of swearing in comedy.

  17. Onlymusical says:

    Saw Leno live in a little club back in ’83 and he was unquestionably the finest stand-up comedian of that era, indisputably. The energy coursing through the room reminded me of the climax of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

  18. FrettingCajarot says:

    My god he’s even worse back then than he is now. I’m impressed with how he’s been able to make the same type of jokes for so long. Truly, he’s an inspiration to hacks everywhere.

  19. Metakkrist says:

    ofc this isnt funny now, you idiots. this is from the dinosaur age, even Leno himself this his old stand up is embarrassing.

  20. i240robert says:

    ouch (and I did see him in ’85 and it was not all that good then either) Used to love him on Letterman though.

  21. yabadabadoo1984 says:

    I like it.

    It was a different time. Check out the comedy from those days; very different style.

    It’s nice to see Jay so young–and with that suit :)

  22. leighgreen says:

    sorry. not funny.

  23. computerkid1416 says:

    Letterman would have been better for the Tonight Show. I bet Carson is crying in his grave about the sad fact that they hired Leno.

  24. Stubs2424 says:

    Jay Leno is as funny today as he was back then…not at all

  25. thewarrior4 says:

    We all know what Carson was thinking How did he get the tonight show from me instead of Letterman?

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