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Jay Leno’s Garage – McLaren F1 – In The Garage

The greatest car ever doesn’t need a couple of DUBS.

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25 Responses to “Jay Leno’s Garage – McLaren F1 – In The Garage”

  1. tosspot86 says:

    id pick an f1 over a veyron any day, plus its worth more than the veyron and that gold plated engine made me drool

  2. MegaGuitarification says:

    @TheAmazingJG Bugatti Veyron SS 0-60: 2.5sec; 0-100: 5.5sec; 0-150: 11.3sec; 0-200: 22.2sec….Mclaren F1 0-60: 3.2sec; 0-100: 6.3sec; 0-150: 12.8sec; 0-200: 28sec….So when the Mclaren gets to 100mph it will take it 21.7 seconds to reach 200….So that means the Bugatti will ALMOST beat the Mclaren to 200mph with the Mclaren starting at 100mph

  3. TheAmazingJG says:

    @MegaGuitarification It’s proven…

  4. zreskhater says:

    @highpeacemaker haha im not racist Im just saying lol

  5. joshshoot says:

    to bad rowan atkinson crashed his one, he was very fond of it.

  6. stephangelaa97 says:

    thats jay’s car!?

  7. MegaGuitarification says:

    @TheAmazingJG don’t think so mate.

  8. DocHavoc0512 says:

    i do not think this car is lighter than a miata but still an amazing car jay lol

  9. highpeacemaker says:

    @zreskhater normally i get offended by that but when it comes to vehicle mods and wheels i have to agree with you on that one.

  10. zreskhater says:

    bigger wheels would look nice but not no nigger wheels

  11. JasonTylerRicci says:

    Jay is an excellent commentator. He truly does know his cars. This one is magnificent.

  12. f250camperspecial says:

    @JellyBird12 i have seen these cars race and the mclaren absolutely beat it off the line

  13. junaidkhattak100 says:


  14. AmericanTarzan says:

    @Mercedes600SEL Agreed to the billionth power. I wouldn’t change anything on an F1 unless I change a part for a new one from McLaren. If somebody shot out one of the tail lights for example, I’d stop at absolutely nothing to find a real replacement. I’d want it to be all genuine and for the DUBS, they aren’t going near that beauty. As ugly as the stock rims are, I wouldn’t replace those either. Any compromise to the original condition of a car that precious would make it’s value drop

  15. famawesome says:

    does he own all of these cars?

  16. ratmphan says:

    @Mercedes600SEL what are you saying about people born in 1995, because i was born in 1995, and i grew up thinking of the f1 as one of the greatest cars ever, and I still do think so

  17. JellyBird12 says:

    @Mercedes600SEL Who are you kidding? This is NO WHERE near as fast as a Veyron SuperSport, not even a Base Veyron, Not in ANY terms of acceleration times, where are you getting these False accusations? the F1 has never gotten to 400kmh, its only gotten 388kmh. and you talk about power. you dont know how hard it is for a car to get to 241mph, let alone 269mph, Veyrons got power, but F1 has a Big advantage in Aerodynamics, again, where?..

  18. jiaminglin6 says:

    Best thing about this car is that you can have a bitch on both sides.

  19. pcbb01 says:

    @2011CJM why cant cars be like that, for loners like me who doesnt like passengers ruining the interior of my car

  20. lordslayer22 says:

    i wonder how much he pays for insurance on all the cars

  21. burnesballin says:

    @Mercedes600SEL 50% more seating than a veyron as well

  22. ttinmystang28 says:

    @hassoonee go drive a scooter

  23. hassoonee says:

    @ttinmystang28 go drive a neon.

  24. ttinmystang28 says:

    @hassoonee get a job you joke

  25. pcbb01 says:

    @2011CJM yeah, why cant small MR cars have their seats on the middle? it seems convenient and fun

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