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Jay Leno confronts Michele Bachmann on gay marriage

jay leno asks her about her gay clinic
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25 Responses to “Jay Leno confronts Michele Bachmann on gay marriage”

  1. sagatbalrog says:

    @TheOneandOnlyAmateur stockings

  2. TheOneandOnlyAmateur says:

    Why are you guys listening to what comes out of her mouth?

    I’m just staring at those gorgeous legs that have probably never been rubbed by a real man before.

  3. bjbinmke says:

    Do you think she knew her husband was gay when she married him?

  4. Daniefab says:

    selfish ass bitch

  5. ClaytonBigbyPA says:

    zany eyed beeeoootcccchhhh!!! ahahahaha

  6. spade9683 says:

    Um, I don’t think her husband has a huge problem with it.

  7. booknevercloses says:

    @Rex11m Wait…what?

    You just used a quote in the bible that supports me and refutes yourself. You are assuming what Jesus would do and condemning/judging other people in the name of Jesus our Lord, when many verses in the New Testament clearly states “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1 would be an example). Even the passage you quoted says God will punish misguided people who do or say un-Godly things in His name.

  8. Rex11m says:

    @booknevercloses Hum, it seems you are very ignorant about Jesus’s words in the Bible. If you are, I suggest you look them up. In it, Jesus clearly said, “Many would come and say, Lord, Lord, did we not do this your name?, then Jesus will tell them, get away from me.” So, there you have it. Look, if you are too stupid and don’t know what you’re saying, you’re better off not saying anything at all. True, God is the only judge. Nonetheless, Jesus has authority as well.

  9. 123gwf says:

    It would be hilarious if everyone is gay in 10,000 years, and straight people have to go to clinics for treatment.

    Of course the species would die out pretty quickly — but it would be really funny in the meantime.

  10. matteoprez says:

    @XMansv LOL… apparently, you have to be gay to do that.

  11. Diazrobert71 says:

    It’s hystarical how she believes she can “cure” homosexuals. How does gay marriage affect her?

  12. GEIPERMAN31 says:

    Funny how some people can sell their worst acts wrapped up in such nice words that it seems that what they are doing is perfectly fine. Extreme conservatives have to be careful about how they word things these days so that the general public donĀ“t really find out what it is that they are really doing but that does not change their acts. I hope for their victims to come back to them in the same way!

  13. hollisterpatricia says:

    Notice that she doesn’t really answer the question about “pray the gay away”; she actually is lying by not answering. This woman is a self righteous sick person.

  14. booknevercloses says:

    @UncIeWoodrow Love is acceptance. Love is accepting other people’s “flaws” (I’m not saying homosexuality is a flaw, but YOU do so I’ll be using it in this example) and accepting them for who they are as God’s creatures. Remember, my grace we’re saved. Not by our lifestyles.

  15. booknevercloses says:

    @Rex11m Would Jesus love people claiming to be Christian, speaking on his behalf, spreading intolerance, and judging non-believers when the bible clearly says that only God is able to judge?

  16. GeorgiaKev says:

    @eric5906 Frankly, I think they both (Michelle and Marcus) deserve each other.

  17. Rex11m says:

    @UncIeWoodrow You know what, I really doubt Jesus would love thugs, rapers, and those in prisons who practice their own rules. Specially those in prisons that never change, they come out and continue with their criminal acts. Those, I really doubt Jesus would love, because they refuse to change their course of life. So, no, Jesus would not love them and those who practice homosexual acts.

  18. Rex11m says:

    @kalinga01 Really? Jesus would do such a thing? How are you so sure of that? I don’t understand why you people keep on want to impose your agenda. Seriously, you are so demented to make such a statement. I don’t mean what you claim about conservatives. But your claim about Jesus is so desperately irrelevant.

  19. thework4444 says:

    @apostalicpentecostal Stick to burping, derp.

  20. thework4444 says:

    @chunkypoms69 awww does baby waby have a pwroblem with gays????

  21. thework4444 says:

    @Vavazelus you ARE traditional Christian beliefs

  22. thework4444 says:

    @UncIeWoodrow ….and you are?

  23. UncIeWoodrow says:

    @kalinga01 True Jesus would love everyone. But only because love motivates people to change. He would also reprimand them and tell them to repent and change their life. He certainly wouldn’t condone their lifestyle. If you think he would, then you have a misguided view of what love is.

  24. macrent2 says:

    Why does Michele Bachmann care if my partner and I get married? As long as i’m not spending my honeymoon in her bed, why does she give a damn?

  25. NoBailout4Banksters says:

    Michele is definitely a CILF but never want her as a PILF!!

    Ron Paul 2012


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