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Jay Leno Clarkson Top Gear

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25 Responses to “Jay Leno Clarkson Top Gear”

  1. Therearenogoodsc says:

    These two dont like each other (jay & jeremy) – just from this clip it seems like they have a past.

  2. Zerginfantry says:

    @FAON1886 lol yeah, I’ve noticed leno has a habit of doing that sometimes.

  3. kjz28 says:

    @FAON1886 Just returning the favor that Jeremy did at 1:58.. Funny stuff for sure.

  4. kenshi187 says:

    omg JC live like a bum…

  5. FAON1886 says:

    lol i like leno cuts clarkson off at 3:15

  6. KinetiK138 says:

    Goddamn Jay is funny.

  7. guy2008rules says:

    @JBxHD, Leno definitely doesnt want Top gear to be ruined in the US. Even I don’t want it here.

    AND IM AMERICAN! British version rules!

  8. roddickandgasquet1 says:

    yes please james may asked if he want to rock LA funny dude

  9. sto04084071 says:

    Loved to see what gos

  10. JBxHD says:

    @wv2000gxe just shhh.

  11. wv2000gxe says:

    @JBxHD thank you for showing us why brits are stupid!

  12. JBxHD says:

    If top gear went stateside, that would just totally ruin the show, its a british thing so america…. FUCK OFFFF

  13. mrjimbeam2009 says:

    @mudaphucker and you cant build cars that dont fall apart within 20 minutes

  14. YeeSoest says:

    Jay Leno┬┤s fantastic drinking noise: 1:36 !
    thumb up if that made you laugh!

  15. BaxterTM says:

    James: YES PLEASE !

  16. ddontforgett says:

    @johnflaherty Fuck Yeah!

  17. kvnelvn says:

    @TheConciseStatement Then again…that would be true…I don’t think Leno has any humour

  18. TheConciseStatement says:


    Leno infecting Top Gear with his putrid lack of humour? Sod that. We’d turn off in droves and ask for our licence fee back.

  19. BLAKE1444 says:

    I guess Leno would be the one to know if the TV business is tough.

  20. AwesomeSauce714 says:

    Jay Leno: Dresses like an anybody, but has a one of a kind garage.

  21. kvnelvn says:

    Jay Leno is perfect for Top Gear US, but…why US? UK Top Gear is the only good Top Gear, so that means Leno should join the boys in UK Top Gear

  22. amway9 says:

    @Riles07 there’s a trailer out for a top gear US version

  23. mudaphucker says:

    @GunsOfThePhoenix read my “a little bit about my self” me from england, do u no where that is??? nope not NEW england in america its in europe its a place where america gets its ideas from E.G. the corvett the ac cobra, even the v8, hell america is from england (sadly)

  24. mudaphucker says:

    ok ok i give u one thing americans can make awesome (MAN) trans and diffs

  25. ninjafatballz says:

    @mudaphucker yea fiat pandas are great, i hope one day the us will build something so awesome.

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