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Jane Badler on Falcon Crest

Jane Badler as Meredith Braxton…

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20 Responses to “Jane Badler on Falcon Crest”

  1. 1111cedargrove says:

    @KOOLDUDE701 – That was when my crush on Wyman began, after I saw The Glass Menagerie on an old movie channel. I couldn’t believe that was the same woman I was watching on Falcon Crest! Now I am 41.

  2. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in´╗┐ Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode (from beginning episode up to the final episode)?

  3. sneezyize says:

    @slydon That would put new meaning into the saying about not ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater.” LOL!

  4. BobbyDamiano says:

    According to a rumor, it was originally thought that Meredith and Erin were lesbian lovers, but being a devoted Catholic Jane Wyman was, may she rest in peace objected to the storyline and the writers decided to have them both as sisters instead.

  5. slydon says:

    Don’t eat the baby!!!!

  6. TheJaking87 says:

    Meredith’s office attire is hardly fitting to look after a baby.

  7. Basileus84 says:

    I forgot Jane Badler was on Falcon Crest! Loved that show. Jane Wyman was not to be messed around with.

  8. fooksake69 says:

    Carefull angela she is a reptile and will eat you, you old fucking hag!

  9. LordBicen says:

    Why is it i keep longing to hear her voice reverberate?!?

  10. KOOLDUDE701 says:

    i love u jane i had a big crush on u when i was 11 now i am 35.

  11. Aaronator19842009 says:

    Jane Badler is a terffic actress.

  12. nolls14 says:

    I wanna be Michael’s forehead!

  13. 214scifi says:


  14. Srd1126 says:

    She was hot, but she should have told what would happen to her if she wised off again like at 1:20

  15. OzBeastRabban says:

    80s cheese!!

  16. kathandy74 says:

    She’s pretty, without a doubt

  17. OrganguyTim says:

    interesting to see Diana from V in a bra :)

  18. soupful says:

    Janie is great!

  19. leetonia says:

    She could re-organize my house anyday!

  20. daveywaikiki says:

    “Still crude, Mister Tyler??” – Diana

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