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James West in (shirtless) trouble!

Muscular hunk James West (Robert Conrad) gets captured, chained, and caged by a crazed blind admiral, all the while showing off his muscled hairy chest and abs.
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25 Responses to “James West in (shirtless) trouble!”

  1. Blackandproudgirl93 says:

    I love west! lol one of my tv crushes.

  2. yes4albert says:

    Whenever I’m asked, “How did you know when you were only four years old?”, I refer to RC and this show most often.

  3. daveheel says:

    the most perfect looking man. they sure wore their trouses high in those days. lol

  4. hamerdow says:

    Odd that the villain who has him de-shirted and bound in this scene can’t even see Robert Conrad’s hairy pecs and well-shaped nipples. Of course, he could feel them with his fingers. Or his tongue.

  5. freedomseaker1 says:

    Mmmmmm…. Robert Conrad…..what a sexy piece of man!!

  6. Vermithrall says:

    I wish you’d mention the titles, for those of us who would like to rent or buy the whole thing. This one turns out to be from “The Night of a Thousand Eyes” (The Wild Wild West: Season 1: Disc 2).

    I like the line two seconds before this clip begins: “I believe I’ve drawn your fangs, Mr. West” while playing with his bullet-proof vest, guns lying on the table.

  7. MissMarchHare says:


    I can see Jones now…weighing the bag of sand back and forth until he tips it onto the altar and grabs a handful of the Ass of the Covenant and shoves it in his bag.

  8. DDDrew8 says:

    @starringJayMcK and what about RC’s chest??

  9. DDDrew8 says:

    ahh hahahahah. StarringJayMck. That is very funny. An Indiana Jones sequel !!!

  10. starringJayMcK says:

    Hey thanks, DDDrew8. About those secret pagan tribes near Machu Picchu and beneath the Himalayas who worship golden effigies of RCs buttocks, it would make a great Indiana Jones sequel, don’t you think? INDIANA JONES AND THE QUEST FOR ROBERT CONRADS ASS!

  11. DDDrew8 says:

    @starringJayMcK I chuckled in agreement reading you comment. I censured myself for noticing the full, rounded muscle on his buttocks (didn’t know that others would also notice them). Was God fair in giving Robert Conrad everything under heaven and made him the personification of perfect physical beauty? To combine that physical beauty with all around toughness and macho virility is enev more exceptional.

  12. DDDrew8 says:

    @DoctrWatson A thunderbolt more likely. :) Before reading everyone’s posting I thought I was the only one being enthralled by Rober Conrad’s extraordinarily gorgeous physique and facial feature. I secretly watched the 1st 2 seasons of the series and felt embarrassed to be infatuated by the images on TV of a man of my grandma’s age. I wonder if he knew that he was so attractive. While making the show did he in his wildest dream think that people decades later would still be intrigued by him?

  13. 81zazie says:

    que de souvenirs j’avais 8 ans que te temps passe vite et il est mon acteur préférer est tres bel homme j’adore

  14. irontreepatriot says:

    He puts up a hell of a fight at 4:35

  15. irontreepatriot says:

    He puts up a hell of a fight at 4:45

  16. contacter says:

    Hottest nose on tv back then, i spent hours joing over his nose and nostrils—total nose fetishist here. so pretty and pointed and sharp nose. beautifulo mouthful of nasal organ

  17. nicksacop says:

    nice nips too

  18. twilson11208 says:

    Possibly one of the highest form of masculine beauty ever captured on film, even by today’s standards.

  19. abbamadonna says:

    BeefcakeKitsch…i couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!1

  20. alcenirbarbosa says:

    From Brazil:Thak you to post this picture.

  21. abbamadonna says:

    He could act. He was a terrific actor. And he’s UBER…sexy…cute…adorable!!!

  22. poochsgirl says:

    he does, how funny. i would have never made that connection.

  23. HbVideos says:

    A pair of Robert Conrad’s Original “Wild Wild West” Filming Pants are for sale right now on E-bay.

  24. mackjay2 says:

    impossibly handsome

  25. airwolfandateam says:

    Great old show…thanks for posting…bob conrad is smokin’

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