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James Garner (The Rockford Files)

James Garner (The Rockford Files)
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25 Responses to “James Garner (The Rockford Files)”

  1. joeypesci says:

    How sad religious American networks are, cutting out him saying bejesus

  2. grabbber says:


  3. bayern4316 says:

    The last of the leading men of his era…James Garner!!!

  4. collecttas says:

    James Garner is by far the best actor ever! I would love to meet this guy and have him autograph my firebird.

  5. MyyyClips2 says:

    So where’s the rest of the interview?

  6. dwdrumz1 says:

    Not one of the themes was correct.

  7. MidwayCastaway says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  8. governorgilf says:

    One of the coolest guys on the planet. Smooth, classy, and sharp as a tack! Rockford Files was one of a kind, as is James Garner.

  9. footcar says:

    Best show on TV ever! Love the Rockford Files-James Garner is a solid guy.

  10. mygaffer says:

    I know he played God in God, the Devil, and Bob (thanks right wing christians for killing that show), anyway, why does everyone love this guy?

  11. mothersfreakout says:

    Who dislikes James Garner? Rockford’s gonna get you!

  12. purplestuff says:

    Looooove Jimmy Garner!!

    He ‘s my idol. The quintessential hard-luck hero!!

  13. Scottthewolf says:

    @exposurejd DOINK DOINK! there’s your goofy sound effect!

  14. mrbigkell says:

    Greed affected him then, greed affects us all now

  15. exposurejd says:

    Jimmy Rockford FOREVER!…Yet another iteration of freakin’ “Law & Order” NEVER! Hey Dick Wolf, here’s an idea: “Law & Order (insert goofy sound effect HERE) Animal Control”

  16. TruthJockey says:

    Jim Rockford was/is the best character on television…from his crappy trailer to his bad credit to his choice of friends, most of us can relate to Rockford. Jim always said “I’m not looking for any trouble” but he always found it…and generally his friends had only one redeeming quality in them – Angel was a good con-man apprentice, Gandolph was good with his hands…what a cast of characters. And Becker seemed to always weasel Jim’s Laker tickets…usually as a condition for helping Jim.

  17. RuneScapeNetwork1 says:

    James Garner + Family Guy = Crappy Movie On TNT

  18. kuriaki71 says:

    i love this show

  19. thefoppa1000 says:

    good interview. Costas is usallu good.

  20. SuperBagshot says:

    He was well paid for it was’nt he? Stop sticking up for ppl who don’t need it.

  21. roquefortfiles says:

    @SuperBagshot I work in film. He is not lying. It is BRUTAL. And Universal are a bunch of scammers. The creative bean counters could find a way to show no profits at all from shows. That he stood up to them and said.. “Not so fast” Good on him. I respect him.

  22. LeGrandeBanane says:

    @SuperBagshot Give the bloke a break for being honest because he certainly wasn’t “whining” as you call it. There were many scenes that show him hobbling/limping rather than running throughout most of the series. These days they would have a multiple of stunt actors just to walk across the road at pedestrian lights.

  23. janice94304 says:

    I don’t think it was whinning. It just stated what caused his health problems.

  24. briandp22269 says:

    @SuperBagshot I think we would all like to see him come off as THE Jim Rockford we know from the series, but that is unreasonable. He’s a human, and it sounds like he had some gripes. I saw one where he went off even worse on his relationship between him and NBC toward the end, the whole thing about him owing them 4 more episodes or something – thus the reason we got those reDux in the 90s.

    I must say though, the Rockford files are my all-time favorite TV Program — Go Jimbo!


  25. SuperBagshot says:

    he comes across as a bit of whiner. standing on a pavement is hard, knee operation, universal done me wrong etc

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