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James Garner for Polaroid 1982

With Mariette Hartley Boston’s Polaroid Corp. ads, 1982 (Cambridge)

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18 Responses to “James Garner for Polaroid 1982”

  1. punkhippe says:

    “if you don’t have a sun camera theres something left out of your life

  2. cwazny1 says:

    @optio4 Now I saw her!

  3. optio4 says:

    @cwazny1 I was refering to the girl in the second commercial….according to IMDb’s website Kim Richards appeared in a 1982 Polaroid ad with Garner. Also Garner was very loyal to his colleagues in show business….many of his guest stars on Maverick later on showed up on the Rockford Files twenty years later. I’m not sure of the name of the girl in the first commercial.

  4. cwazny1 says:

    @optio4 That wasn’t Kim Richards. She was born in 1964. So, she would have been 18 in this commercial. I don’t think that girl was 18.

  5. optio4 says:

    Didn’t realize that was Kim Richards…..she guest starred in a third season episode of the Rockford Files titled “The Family Hour”

  6. nagaslrac says:

    “He played football?”
    “Well, he used to be a lot taller”
    Funny reference. Garner, a big football fan, says he used to be 6″3′ but never looked it alongside other tall actors. He’s now around 5″11′ and he says he’s shrunk a few inches.

  7. Simon5005 says:

    Great ads! I worked for Polaroid for a short time in the Fall of 1977……….I assembled those photo booths from shell to finish……… was fun!

  8. dwayne0t says:

    Robert Ridgely!

  9. newhampshirevideo says:

    I remember that series of commercials. They made a great team.

  10. bobthefreak09 says:

    Wow, how far technology has come! Still The Polaroid Sun Camera is the BOSS!

  11. terceldude says:

    swerd! ;) Jim Rockford is a certified gangster, hahahahaha! ;)

  12. getchasumm says:

    Hello Larry !!!!!

  13. CoachProc says:

    the actress in the last scene is Kim Richards – Paris Hilton’s aunt.

  14. Jonathew says:

    NO that is my good friend Tamer!

  15. silverkryptonite705 says:

    Yay, James Garner!

  16. SquonkProductions says:

    I totally doubt it. Jodie Sweetin was either a baby or not even born yet when this ad was made. Though she kinda looks like her a bit…

  17. elfdog100 says:

    Is the girl in the first ad actress Jody Swentin (SP?) from Full House?

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