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James Garner discusses the end of “The Rockford Files” – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

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25 Responses to “James Garner discusses the end of “The Rockford Files” – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG”

  1. jerichothedrifter60 says:

    Garner said that when you see Rockford or Bret Maverick, it’s not really’s just James Garner being James Garner

  2. BlakeVII says:

    When I was a kid on the 70′s I loved watching The Rockford Files. Loved the James Garner’s personality, regular, down-to-earth kinda guy, not like the Hollywood dross of the other detective shows. Also liked Dennis the cop who always seemed stretched with doing Jim favours.

  3. dilwich123 says:

    Hollywood producers sound awful….Not even giving Jim time to recover.

  4. Terry1969ism says:

    This guy had old school values of humility, humor and respect, you can just tell.

  5. babyboy3601978 says:

    Rockford Files was the shit back in the days… One of the best shows of the time

  6. cardcutters says:

    Rockford files yes wat a great series and great humour bring the series back

  7. jrg8008 says:

    [sarcasm]Aww shucks, these actors have such difficult lives. [/sarcasm]

  8. olikat8 says:

    One of the few celebrities I would like to meet from my childhood ‘shows.’ Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe round out the list. Don’t care about most other celebrities then or today.

  9. Dehzee says:

    Studio owners in Hollywood are more evil than people can imagine, truly.

  10. Bronco46tube says:

    Rockford was an excellent show, especially for the times; most of the programming in that decade was terrible. But it’s far from the greatest detective show ever. I’m sure Garner would even say that. Mr Garner really added to what would have been an otherwise forgettable show.


    JG is a class act.

  12. grabbber says:

    The Rockford files had much more Patience, thinking, better camera shots…. and a hell of better writing crew than todays Detective shows…. Rockford files was the best and James Garner

  13. dwdrumz1 says:

    The movie studio people really are the dregs of the earth! The Rockford Files was a great show and the star should have been treated with alot more respect and payed acourdingly.

  14. rockb3p says:

    4 sure

  15. iamsocoollike11 says:

    it makes me wanna cry to see him that old!

  16. joan5230 says:

    J.G. is a man in full!

  17. Dougplays6strings says:

    I love me some Rockford Files.Great show.I have been ordering these.I am now on season 4.The shows today are about one thing”murder’too depressing.Thanks Jim for a great show.

  18. TheClam88 says:

    @rockyraccoon1979 yep!!!

  19. MrKrime says:

    My Faves are 1. The Rockford Files 2. Police Woman 3. 6 million dollar man 4. SWAT and 5. The streets of San Francisco

  20. joeshmagaggie says:

    There are no Cop/ Detective/PI Shows Today that can even come close to what was offered to the viewing audience back then. Rockford had Superior acting/plot/script/writers, etc… Nowadays these Cop/CSi shows seem like they’re thrown together, or it’s Lets see how many ways we can Gore the TV audience, along with lousy scripts, Overacting and Cornball Dialogue. Its amazing that Daivid Caruso can say his goofy lines with a sraight face.

  21. senseijosesuave says:

    The Rockford Files was the best.

  22. Atomicomet says:

    @rockyraccoon1979 amen

  23. governorgilf says:

    Nobody was as sharp and cool as Rockford. This show took place before computers and cell phones–when one actually had to hit the pavement for answers. The writing was great, as was the acting. And the theme song is still one of my favorites. None of today’s shows even come close.

  24. Captb55806 says:

    Rockford Files is great the best detective show. Here is my top three

    1. Rockford Files 2. Magnum P.I 3. Barney Jones. I was a small good kid back in the 1970′s I was bless to grow up with theses great shows. Especaily shows like Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart. I use to watch theses shows with my Mom and Dad back then.

  25. narrengold says:

    I really like James Garner, because he reminds me of my dad. I told my dad that one day, back when I was a young boy, but I think he didn’t understand that this was my way to tell him that he is my hero and that I love him.Now he is 79, we live in the same house and he is still my hero. Thank you dad for beeing my “pabba”

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