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Jack’s back! – Torchwood – BBC science fiction

Who’s afraid of a massive blowfish with a gun driving a sportscar? And where is Captain Jack? Alien life forms and monsters take over Wales in this wonderful clip from BBC science fiction drama Torchwood.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Jack’s back! – Torchwood – BBC science fiction”

  1. DancingInTheRain73 says:

    “Hey kids. Dija miss me?” *SQUIGGLE SQUIGGLE SQUEAL JUMP*

  2. BowTiesRCool says:

    badada BA BA

  3. candymandy224 says:

    @chezziebabes95 I know, right? It just never stops being funny. Haha, I’m always doing that :p Congrats, I guess…? :)

  4. chezziebabes95 says:

    @candymandy224 haha it STILL makes me laugh.. I didnt know i had top comment.. woo!:D

  5. candymandy224 says:

    @chezziebabes95 I love that in so many ways! That made my day….

  6. Dalek115 says:

    Bloody Torchwood

  7. Jamieplanetx says:

    @1funnybloke Not sure you are able to comprehend the concept of time travel.

  8. 1funnybloke says:

    If Blowfish got shot how come he appeared in the same outfit and look in the Doctor Who episode The Pandorica Opens

  9. DJsaxby16 says:

    @chinagrrl Jack’s first assignment was catching one of the blowfish people, but one agent shot and killed it and maybe the speices has hard feelings because of it.

  10. surfer53 says:

    I always get mixed up between the Irish and the Welsh accents. I think Father Ted is Irish. It’s all Celtic I guess.

  11. animals4eva says:

    i half expected jack to say hey kids, did you miss daddy!

  12. rhysdegnan says:

    how dull is the fish you shot her, i shoot you, you lose

  13. EvgeniRadevCOPR says:

    A short Science Fiction Drama, inspired by several Television shows: ‘ESPERIA’ -> watch?v=S31k2yki83o&hd=1

  14. chinagrrl says:


    But how did Blowfish know so much about the team? Was he one of Jack’s enemies from the past??? Excellent opening for the season!

  15. DylanFan1115 says:

    Just Brilliant! Just awesome!

  16. goldielocks513 says:

    yea Captain Jack, we missed you

  17. halokid2010 says:

    its funny cause once the blow fish get shot ianto is very puzzled and looks at the gun with confusion LOL

  18. intermitrj says:

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  19. crazyvicki18 says:

    :-O y is the granny shocked about the fish but not about torchwood lol

  20. AuroraVampireGirl says:

    The blowfish sounds like something outta Wizard of Oz. o_O

  21. TheLaurencecooper says:

    trop marrant !!

  22. galifrey43 says:

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  23. jamesthered123 says:

    at the end lanto should say any up for fish and chips :)

  24. mysticalwind72 says:


  25. nathanjcole says:

    If the kids are out at midnight, they deserve it. lol!

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