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Jackie Gleason 20/20, Part 1

Part one of two of a 1981 20/20 piece on Jackie Gleason, narrated by Hugh Downs

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25 Responses to “Jackie Gleason 20/20, Part 1”

  1. WAKEUPshift111 says:

    In this interview, he looked nothing like he did in black and white… for me, someone born in the late 80s, in weird seeing this man with Kramden’s voice and in color too!

  2. aknowneemus says:

    when he said he “sat by the window watching the other kids play” i can imagine how he felt. I got a little teary eyed.

  3. stella3265 says:

    @fran9860 You misspelled “Cum”. Cum to Chicago and I’ll show ya my Milton Berle. The only problem is that you might stick me in an oven because my people killed Jesus. Bye Eva, or Adolph.

  4. fran9860 says:

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  5. stella3265 says:

    @450984 Amen, Brother or Sister!!!!!!

  6. stella3265 says:

    Gleason was a genius. Love Carney. I loved the blue collar humor of a working poor family in Bensenhurst. My best friends Father grew up there. The other blue collar family that rivaled The honeymooners was All in the Family.

  7. stella3265 says:

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  8. fran9860 says:

    @stella3265 i know vaginal herpes is a dreaded disease; sorry you have it. take two apririn with a bottle of ejaculate and call me in the morning; bitch.

  9. stella3265 says:

    @fran9860  Why don’t you just stick him in a oven you punk.

  10. JDrosa1982 says:

    This guy is the funniest ever.  He’s up there with Charlie Chaplin.

  11. fran9860 says:

    I am so happy that steve jew fuck allen is dead.

  12. trey4700 says:

    the cop from smokey and the bandit!

  13. RealTime88 says:

    @gleasondude My dad was one of Jackie’s biggest fans. I hope the two of them are playing golf together if there is another side. Maybe Johnny Carson.

  14. RealTime88 says:

    @ctfatguy RIP Jackie and my father Norris who I hope is somewhere with Mr. Gleason.

  15. cheeriosinabowl says:

    There will be only 1 Jackie Gleason. Both men and women like him.

    In 50 years, people will still find him funny and watch him. Quality entertaining forever.

    RIP Jackie.

  16. DJhiphouse says:

    Which 2 sumbitches disliked this vid? I’m gonna punch your mama’s right in the mouth!

  17. honeybee7700 says:

    i love jackie gleason “and away we go” :D

  18. speederz1 says:

    what can i say…The best of the best!!!

  19. 2c1496 says:

    talk about rags to riches….we miss you Jackie

  20. 450984 says:

    @143AC I know Gleason had enormous talent, his dramtic roles were masterful. Requiem for a heavyweight”, “The Hustler”, to name some. One of the great entertainers of the 2oth. century, to be sure!

  21. 143AC says:

    With all due respect to Mr.Allen..Jackie was a clown..not a comedian”A Clown is an actor..a comedian is not an actor..a Comedian will tell jokes and make you laugh and that’s it.A clown can make you cry”Keenan Wynn said this.

  22. andrei13mo says:

    Rest in Peace Jackie

  23. UPTHElRS says:

    @danolson68 Kinda blew me away too…

  24. 143AC says:

    Mr.Dennehey was the model for”Joe The Bartender”.

  25. Reasonjester says:


    OMG that’s horrible. I didn’t know about all of that, except for the party about his brother.

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