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Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on America

Originally about healthcare, this video is now dedicated to Jack Webb, who wanted each show to contain at least one strong speech that would attempt to set the moral compass of the country right. These speeches need to be heard by a new generation. Contact me if you remember one that applies to current events. At watch the original episodes. ** original description ** Obama says things are a mess so let’s roll the dice on your health insurance with 2000+ page bills that mention no tort reform. At see Jack Webb School Obama on Democracy. At is my blog. The healthcare fight isn’t over. Go to http and click Notes for common sense. At read what a group of physicians have written about health care reform, infant mortality, and coverage of illegal immigrants. Hat tip to Dragnet writer Preston Wood and the cast for this amazing scene. (Go to http to see the original.) ps Harry Morgan in 2008:
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25 Responses to “Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on America”

  1. unclesmrgol says:

    @jdsteppenzyde But your side wasn’t smart enough to do that. Our side has really cool stuff up right now — and you are watching it. Thank you.

  2. unclesmrgol says:

    @TheSunmanho If they do, they own the most rotten country on Earth. What a waste of their money, right?

  3. Fortherecord2009 says:

    Great Video!

  4. 10Dec1971 says:

    I LOVE this!

  5. psp355 says:

    @pumpy25 go fuuck ur self

  6. TheSunmanho says:

    fuck the U.S.A. the most rotten country on Earth.

    China owns you any minute.

  7. killyoulikeapig says:


  8. lon40 says:

    You tell Him Joe!

  9. realdad32 says:

    @Emidretrauqe Yeah im not sure about guys like quint. Younger people who dont know the diff between reality and what their favorite celebrity tells them to think. Wonder if a good slap across the back of the head would wake them up?

  10. realdad32 says:

    I cant believe there are actually people stupid enough to put their trust in govorment to do anything for them. Mostly young people who dont know jack shit about life yet? I geuss we get what we deserve though. Sad really.

  11. wellesradio says:

    Over 400 years? 200 of which don’t count as we weren’t a country but a credit card used to fund European wars. Which half were you referring to, Jack? I wonder if he would have given the same speech halfway through those 400 years. Say in 1776? But I guess that’s why Jack Webb is the endlessly quotable voice of a generation that he is. Why, he coined such phrases as… “Play it, Sam”? No, wait. “Times they are a Changin”? no, no… oh, yeah…
    “Just the facts, ma’am” & “Marijuana overdose.”

  12. eyeinidas says:

    @Emidretrauqe Bull Everyone in Washington has been spending like a teenager with a new credit card. Remember Cash For Clunkers? What a waste of my money, that was. What a waste of our grand children’s money, that was. And it’s just an example, there are many others. They are printing money like it’s free and it’s totally unnecessary.

  13. Emidretrauqe says:

    @quintincollins Absolutely. Obama never spent any money he didn’t absolutely have to….and by that I mean he spent more than Bush, Clinton, Bush, and every president in the entire history of the country did put together.

    Do you live in a cave or something??

  14. hookalakah says:

    Right on the money, bullet.
    Jack usually had it right. And he certainly had it right more often than a certain diffident, incompetant, idealogue head of state with a surplus of ego and a leadership deficit. Try making another video–one with Jack in “The D.I.”–giving this confused youngtser a good talking to. Wonder how the world might have been different if Obama’s male mentor figure had been Jack Webb instead of Reverend Jeremiah Wright…

  15. DarkKnight234 says:

    perfect amen

  16. pumpy25 says:

    @quintincollins yeah obama hasnt spent a dime..the debt just triples from nothing..when is this mans presidency going to start..the scapegoat period is over. Oh and the war…didnt obama just send 30000 more troops there, thought he was bringing them home

  17. hanzo1967 says:


  18. tamitime says:

    Wow! What’s the Changes Everything They Said is 100% True for Obama to Listen To!!!

  19. DMW0004 says:

    @quintincollins You are right. Obama hasn’t spent any money since being elected!

    I think he is paying for this healthcare bill with coupons! It’s not like he has passed any big bailouts since being elected or anything. No, Obama is more frugal than a jew in a thrift store.

  20. newalm says:

    Look at Obama at 0.42…he grins just like a chimp!

  21. newalm says:

    The Democrat Party of Thomas Jefferson is now dead. It has been taken over by the party of Karl Marx. Even the liberal Democrats use the old tactics of Communist regimes by the use of lies, deception and fear to control the people!

  22. DAK7777777 says:


  23. quintincollins says:

    @jdsteppenzyde Exactly. Bingo. Bush spent the country into the poor house and the ignorant teabaggers blame Obama. Go back to your reruns, teabaggers, no one wants to go back to the lame Bush era.

  24. quintincollins says:

    What laffable garbage. Jack Webb and the show were great. But this is BS for gullible teabaggers who think anyone under the age of 60 recognizes or gives a cr@p about Dragnet. You know who I’m talking about … the same imbeciles who don’t understand their Social Security checks come from the US govt. Now quit complaining, turn off FOX News and do something constructive, you ancient whiney teabaggers.

  25. Emidretrauqe says:

    435 people have thumbs downed this, and that scares me.

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