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Jack Webb Dragnet – The Big Departure Speech

Joe Friday and Bill Gannon give a speech to some teenagers about their wishes to start a new country.

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25 Responses to “Jack Webb Dragnet – The Big Departure Speech”

  1. MJD1701A says:

    Now under Obama we are see 100 men lined up to get free apples at the free food store. President Obama, community organizer who HATES business so business refuses to hire anyone. Yep, 100 men lining up for free apples in every city in this country.

  2. Mikeyt369 says:


  3. pperezklein says:

    Pure American honor. How can anyone dispute the fact that the best country in the world is the United States of America?

  4. davidjradich says:

    @Calsummersishere 1967 or 1968. These kids are supposed to be hippies. The show reflected the time.

  5. Calsummersishere says:

    Did American men wear necklaces like that in real life? What year is this from?

  6. mytvmemories says:

    Out of all the Joe Friday Jesus speeches my favorite one is when he tells Kent McCord what it means to be a cop. but this one is definitely number 2. And even Bill chimes in on this one. I love his reference to Hitler.

  7. Amar7605 says:

    @iiYuTube The United States declared independence in 1776. But America was settled by the English in the late 1500s.

  8. railgeek404 says:

    Damned Straight!

  9. Dubblecast says:

    This needs to be played in schools. This is awesome.

  10. wrjamescom says:

    You think you can keep people from suffering by failed socialist scams? Do you seriously believe you prevent suffering by borrowing, leaving the next generation to suffer after you are gone? Do you get more suffering or less by paying welfare bums to breed more? The socialist scams do nothing more than punish those who produce in order to buy votes from bums. Eventually all you have is a lot of bums demanding money that doesn’t exist, the producers being long gone.

  11. mwells219 says:

    yeah. poor people should have to suffer just like they did the ’30s.

  12. mwells219 says:

    “now shut the fuck up kid take this m-16 and go burn down a village in ‘nam.”

  13. mwells219 says:

    “not shut the fuck up kid take this m-16 and go burn down a village in ‘nam.”

  14. iiYuTube says:

    @wrjamescom Mister Web History Lesson ?? Little Late huh ? lol

  15. iiYuTube says:

    400 years ??? I thought it was July 4, 1776 , Jack that’s 200 years (almost)

  16. iiYuTube says:

    Love to hear Friday’s speech of TODAY LOL

  17. 1macboo says:

    @wrjamescom lol…peace!

  18. wrjamescom says:

    @1macboo You are referring to the age old socialist double speak. It’s like the “People’s Republic” where the people have no say, and fighting presumed “oppression” of employees who can quit anytime they want only to enslave them under the banner of “equality” and civil “rights” which only ignore real constitutional rights. Individuals have rights, not groups. It’s a farce of terms. Liberty and socialism as absolutely and irreconcilably incompatible.

  19. 1macboo says:

    ‘ The use of the word ‘libertarian’ to describe a political position can be tracked to the French cognate, “Libertaire”, which was coined in 1857 by French anarchist communist Joseph D√©jacque who used the term to distinguish his libertarian communist approach from the mutualismism. Hence the term “libertaire” has been used as a synonym for left wing anarchism or libertarian socialism since the 1890s.

  20. wrjamescom says:

    The country has worked for over 400 years, Jack? It seems Mister Web needs a history lesson. :)

  21. wrjamescom says:

    @1macboo Libertarians are pretty right wing in the real sense, not at all like the myth of the religious right or the myth the left promotes regarding fascism. Fascists and theocrats are pretty far to the left, they believe in big government like other socialist flavors. Libertarianism, by definition, is about individual rights and individual responsibility. It’s entirely incomparable with socialism.

  22. wrjamescom says:

    If you believe the federal government should be constrained within it’s constitutional limits, which means no social security, minimum wage, of civil “rights”, then you are libertarian. Otherwise you are socialist with no respect for the constitution and quite opposite of a libertarian.

  23. wrjamescom says:

    “Left Libertarian” is oxymoronic. People who call themselves that generally fall into one of three categories. :
    1) Socialists who don’t want to admit to being socialist.
    2) Libertarians who don’t like telling people they are libertarians because too many people are ignorant and think it’s too radical.
    3) Ignorant people who like like the sound of it and don’t know what it means or what they are.
    I suspect you know better and are either the first or second.

  24. 1macboo says:

    I’m not a socialist in reality, I’m left-libertarian but I respect what socialists are striving towards. Not sure what you are…not facist but maybe a facist friendly gov’t? But we agree on the need for change and that the republicats are owned by large corperations. Peace

  25. wrjamescom says:

    Ever hear of free speech? The cop was right. Notes are not illegal. What do you expect a cop to do? Ignore the law because someone gets offended?

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