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Jack Webb Dragnet – The Big Departure Speech

Joe Friday and Bill Gannon give a speech to some teenagers about their wishes to start a new country.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Jack Webb Dragnet – The Big Departure Speech”

  1. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 “BTW – since you don’t understand “Strawman” I will give you an example. When you decide I am Canadian even though I live in LA – you are making a bad, inaccurate hockey-playing Maple leafer straw man!”


  2. rasalghul5555 says:

    I know you hate this but more and more guys like me are seeing the hypocrisy of political correctness and not allowing that to be a buffer for honest discourse. For too long we have allowed that excuse to hinder candid truth

    BTW – since you don’t understand “Strawman” I will give you an example. When you decide I am Canadian even though I live in LA – you are making a bad, inaccurate hockey-playing Maple leafer strawman!

  3. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 About the level of response I’d expect from a hockey-playing Maple leafer.

  4. rasalghul5555 says:

    Don’t all you liberal fags support PETA? This is not me making that decision – this is how you guys are made.
    Besides, anything a normal hetero white male does not care for you fags decide it is a worthy cause. Come on – didn’t you get the fag memo?

  5. rasalghul5555 says:

    Yeah – I didn’t think you could respond intelligently about my challenge to you about your “strawman” statements that you continued to use repeatedly. I guess you are one of those ppl that use words and when someone calls you out on it you cower and turn to some other topic entirely.

    I’ll give you another you explain yourself about the “strawman” comment you made? LMAO!

  6. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Seriously? You decided I support PETA, and then attack me for supporting PETA. What… what do you think straw man means? I’m starting to feel like I’m beating up the retarded kid.

  7. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Hm. Let me try it. You’re just a canadian duck lover! Why don’t you go and kiss a duck… back in TORONTO?

    nah, not as much fun. I mean, I just made that up. MAYBE you’re canadian, and might even bang ducks, though I have no basis for that…

    Too bad. Well, I mean call me gay or a PETA supporter or whatever if you want. About as effective as Canadian duck lover though I’d think, but I guess if all you can do is yell at imaginary people, It says a lot about your argument.

  8. rasalghul5555 says:

    You must be getting tired because not only are your replies incoherent blatherings – but now I can smell fear and desperation at your THIRD time repeating nonsense about “strawmen”

    Pray tell – give us ONE example of where I am “dodging the issues with straw men…”

    We are all waiting – this should be good!

  9. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Heh, yes. Everyone reading can see that _I’M_ the one dodging the issues with straw men and nonsense. Your replies were confusion and lies. At that point I realized you had nothing but buzzwords dishonesty. and this just became fun. I’m not sure what’s more fun: the infantile lashing with silly “insults”, or the fact that you actually, honestly, seem to think you look clever by insulting a fake enemy that only exists inside your head. Both? Pretty damn fun. :-D

  10. rasalghul5555 says:

    See, you have nothing…you don’t even have humor like my witty comebacks that are bitch slapping you until pus is coming out of your floppy ears.

    Now go blow you life partner and talk about making a donation to PETA and have good night being angry at white, heterosexual men. You know – the one the makes you think of the daddy you hate so much!

  11. rasalghul5555 says:

    If you want to debate you first have to make an argument – the only thing you brought to the table is you want to take me home because of how adorable and cute i am!

    I on the other hand like the Sgt Friday way of pimp slapping liberal fags and self-entitled douches that pervade our society today…something that obviously has hit a nerve with you. Are you a liberal fag or a self entitled douche or both? LMAO!

  12. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 oh ALL DAY LONG I’m sure! (wink)

  13. rasalghul5555 says:

    Yes, yes, you keep repeating yourself – we all know you think I am adorable and cute – I am told that all day by chicks – I guess you are no exception…

  14. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 This is fun! Make a poorly crafted reply again. Who’s my little debate champion? You are! You’re my little debate champion!

  15. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Oh I’m not gay, as a matter of fact, though I appreciate your interest. But again, nice straw man. (You probably don’t know what that means. See! You would be perfect for a forensics lesson! Just like Pygmalion. But somehow I doubt you know your Shaw.) But you’re adorable in the sense that a puppy is adorable when he thinks he’s people. It’s just cute.

  16. rasalghul5555 says:

    Now that I see you think I am so adorable I can see why the “fag” comment got your panties in a bunch…

    Let me ask you a question, are you a born gay person or were you made gay by having a neighbor or weird uncle screw with you sexually when you were young. Either way please do not get angry all all heterosexual , white men – please we are not your enemy

  17. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Oh. My. God. You are ADORABLE. You can’t even attempt to argue, so you put together the worst straw man in the history of debate. It’s like watching a little kid try to work the big boy telephone. I want to take you home and start teaching you forensics just to see if I can. It’ll be a grand experiment! I’ll be Henry Higgins, and you’ll be my little Eliza Doolittle! God DAMN you’re adorable!

  18. rasalghul5555 says:

    read slower – you are getting yourself all tripped up. You want to believe that I hate gay ppl and black ppl and that I am the stereotypical whitey bogeyman that fruity liberal cunts have been crying about for years.

    The truth is I only detest the whiny, pussies that look for excuses that they are being repressed by the MAN when they only want an excuse to be a lazy leech of society. Break the shackles of political correctness – many more like me are tired of its hypocrisy

  19. rasalghul5555 says:

    Are you also one of these pussies that want to ban the word “retard” because SOME ppl might find it offensive? I take it you are an emo, pussy, liberal, fag and therefore are crying once you read that comment. I totally forgot I crafted that golden chestnut – pretty lyrical don’t you think?

  20. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 (p.s. funny how you’re defending your use of the word and saying you “refuse to be shackled” against those who are offended… while simultaneously saying you didn’t use it. If you don’t want to keep embarrassing yourself at forensics, you’d be better off picking one argument and sticking with it. I recommend the one that isn’t disproven by just glancing at the top of the page, but hey, it’s your argument.)

  21. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 It does amuse that you didn’t realize we all can see your “…emo, pussy, liberal, fag…” comment. Hell, it seems you didn’t even notice I was replying to that in the first place, which SURELY smacks of that superior intellect you were going on about. While you deride my intelligence and insist upon your own, you’re 0 for 2: First reply showing you couldn’t follow a discussion, Second time lying about a quote that is there for all to see. I think that speaks for itself, kiddo.

  22. rasalghul5555 says:

    You’re getting all confused with your little pea sized brain – it was YOU that brought up the word “fags” not me…let’s not revise history too much here – even though you are debating someone far superior in intelligence then you.

    BTW – I refuse to be shackled by the stifling politically correct discourse that cares less about the truth but only cowers in the corner whenever someone cries they are offended – whether it is legit or just an excuse – deal with it

  23. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 That’s two incidences of comprehension failure from you. Shame. Of course, looking at your channel, you rant about ghetto negroes, too, in addition to your mention of fags here, so I guess I shouldn’t expect a particularly high level of comprehension of much of anything.

  24. rasalghul5555 says:

    Uhhh OK…..not sure what your point is but I am sure you thought very long and hard to come up with one so I will give you the benefit of the doubt

  25. JohnKFisher says:

    @rasalghul5555 Fag, huh? Looks like someone didn’t listen to the part about prejudice in this speech you’re praising.

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