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I’ve Got a Secret (1960)–Betsy Palmer virtually loses her dress on live Television!

The initial segment of this broadcast goes completely awry when Betsy’s zipper pops off of her dress, and Bill & Henry scramble to refasten it for her!
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18 Responses to “I’ve Got a Secret (1960)–Betsy Palmer virtually loses her dress on live Television!”

  1. thecatatemyhomework says:

    This brings back memories. It’s like seeing an old friend. Life was so much better then.

  2. tallpaul521 says:

    Betsy Palmer was so great as the brassy blonde nurse in Mr. Roberts.

  3. carlmoore19 says:

    I do recall something about 3 women all called “Helen Luth [sp]“, but this seems a little early (1960).

  4. jeprice08 says:

    0: 54 – 1:10 I can see Henry Morgan saying to the audience, “This is gonna be a long night, folks! I hope you brought along your pillows, your blankets, your alarm clock, your children, and your children’s sitter!”

  5. Guitarman5150 says:

    @AmosPressley My great grandmother had a party line down in her small town in Virginia….. It was a pain trying to make a phone call with someone else on the phone! She had it up until the mid 80′s.

  6. byrd56 says:

    At 0:09, Garry Moore goes into “To Tell the Truth” mode a decade before he would end up hosting a syndicated remake of that particular show.

  7. Kate8790 says:

    I love how Henry and Bill immediately go to “help” her, lol.

  8. wordygrrl says:

    Holy Crap! He’s smoking…loves it!!

  9. IEnjoyHippies says:

    Small World….

  10. sevenlemon says:

    I love these old TV shows.

  11. 8unclewayne8 says:

    now THIS is what you call “a reality show!” Piss on the crap they have on tv toDAY!! Happy New Year, Guys!!!!

  12. arcticapple says:

    damn, betsy palmer is so hot on this show.

  13. TrevWks says:

    @vantalge Nor unusual to hand the contestant a carton of cigarettes when it was the show’s sponsor.

  14. chaoscleaner says:

    @AmosPressley I admit to nothing!

  15. vantalge says:

    He’s got a lit cigarette going. Not unusual at all in that era.

  16. AmosPressley says:

    Wonder how many people today know what a party line is..

    There were several homes on our party line where I grew up. If you had told us that we would live to see individual family members, each with a phone they could carry around in their pocket, we would have said you were crazy.

  17. RXGreg says:

    Did the run out of time on the show?

  18. GameShowFanMan says:

    Hold on…if I’m correct, these three ladies returned on I’ve Got A Secret about 5-6 years later when Steve Allen took over.

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