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“…Ivan, Did you see the Sunrise?” Magnum PI

30 September 1982-One of the best scene in TV history. This is pivotal to TV because this is when the good guy actually goes thru the moral dilemma of “The Toture of the Mad Bomber”. Watch

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25 Responses to ““…Ivan, Did you see the Sunrise?” Magnum PI”

  1. kalmarin0 says:

    Right in the face!

  2. jimbopumbapigsticks says:

    Thumbs up if you saw Magnum first, and then laughed your head off at Archer.

  3. haeskai says:


  4. TheKVHILL says:

    1:08 is when he says it

  5. D0NKY says:

    I was 10 years old. I still think about this scene once in awhile. Great show. Great ending.

  6. thomascapitalmgt says:

    Tom Selleck is Great American and Fine Actor

  7. sagman68 says:

    @forestgreen98 I’d rather do Kelly. Just sayin’

  8. sagman68 says:

    Tom Seleck is so good in in this scene. The way he looks away, and then looks at Ivan…and then the BANG. So good.

  9. forestgreen98 says:

    Fuck Regis

  10. sweenkingandwow2 says:

    the only racist communist russian :D

  11. yeoldetoaste says:

    “Would you just pick an accent and stick with it?”

  12. blacknwhite543 says:


  13. gss2131 says:

    Five people didn’t see the sunrise this morning.

  14. TheRitchardgaleHater says:

    @seahawksphan Haha, lol

  15. seahawksphan says:

    @TheRitchardgaleHater nah hed prolly still blow him away lol “no”……”well too bad!” pow!!

  16. closedmouth says:

    did you see regis this morning?

  17. JONNOG88 says:

    I genuinely did’nt know that terms of emrampagement was referencing this.

  18. JONNOG88 says:

    Archer !!!.
    Being that im to young to remember Mag. I had no idea that this was a reference.

  19. aseriousman91 says:

    Looks like Ivan was in the…DANJA ZONE!!!

  20. 2c1496 says:

    greatest ending ever

  21. adawk20 says:

    thumbs up if you’re here because of archer

  22. OCCORAT says:

    I love how just before Magnum turns around to take aim, you hear that cold silence before he pulls the trigger. Now thats the mark of a good television episode; not like this reality show garbage with brain dead females and homo males.

  23. rrig698 says:

    Need more guys like Thomas.

  24. crodgers100 says:

    omg, I didn’t even get the Archer reference. Also, I forgot what a kick ass show Magnum PI was.

  25. brohan914 says:


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