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“It is a Highway to Heaven”- Prof. Alex Bradford

Prof. Alex Bradford sings. Date unknown.

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13 Responses to ““It is a Highway to Heaven”- Prof. Alex Bradford”

  1. skidiva1 says:

    @missuma2 Mine too!!!!! But they never sang it this fast and took them at least 10 mins to march in. Lol!!! Wow what memories.

  2. missuma2 says:

    Remember when my late Godmother used to march into the church along w/the Choir at our little church in Harlem back in the 60′s. Really love this song and miss her & those days but looking forward to meeting her & them on the King’s Highway !

  3. MaJaKatl8y says:


  4. FATRATS1962 says:


  5. laidyeh says:

    @RetroPanther07 Was just thinking the same thing…I remember singing this in the early 60′s in the young adult choir at Cliffwood Community Church, Cliffwood, NJ…

  6. schs19947 says:

    Professor felt that thing @ 1:29 “Oooohhh, it’s a higway, highway, highway”. I could feel the Spirit movin to lift up his voice like a trumpet in Zion.

  7. schs19947 says:

    I have the CD now. It’s off “The Greatest Gospel Hits w/Thomas Dorsey, and others on the front cover.

  8. RetroPanther07 says:

    we use to sing this song when i was like 4….wow


    Not anymore I lost the cds

  10. schs19947 says:

    Do you have this wonderful version. Where can i find it Or can u burn me a copy. I will surely reimburse you. Thanks!!!


    This was the first version of this song i ever heard when I bought a gospel cd set. This is by far my favorite version. Professor. Bradford had a wonderful voice

  12. beejonesy84 says:

    This is probably my favorite version of this song.

  13. mcmiraclevalley says:

    This is old time gospel and I love it:
    Rev. Michael Capps,Ph.D

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