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Is there a genuine job in the FBI where agents investigate “X-Files”?

Question by Jessica: Is there a real job in the FBI where agents investigate “X-Files”?
I was just wondering if there are agents in the FBI who investigate “X-Files” or paranormal phenomenon like in the show The X-Files. I went to the FBI website but they only give a listing of a couple of jobs.

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4 Responses to “Is there a genuine job in the FBI where agents investigate “X-Files”?”

  1. jwjeepers62 says:

    They are watching your file right now. They monitor key words
    in the interest of our National Security, like FBI.

  2. CGIV76 says:

    You may be joking, but I’m going to give you an honest answer. According to the Government, at this time, no one investigates UFOs. At one time, it was a special unit in the Air force that did the investigation. You can find the original form that had to be prepared if you look in the right place. Even though, no one is supposed to be investigating UFOs because it was allegedly proven that the sightings are not a threat to National Security. But, try reporting a real sighting. If your lucky enough to have an airport in the area, you can contact the control tower, and ask them if they have anything on their radar, and when they tell you no, and you insist that you are observing something out of the ordinary while you give approximate size, shape, altitude, direction of travel, there will be a pause, and then you will be asked, do you wish to report a UFO?. If you say yes, the next person you will be speaking with will be in Washington DC.
    The Government answer to your question is NO.

  3. steven l says:

    only if you mean internet porn when you refer to x files.

  4. pathfinder says:

    No, that’s just TV malarkey.

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