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Is it correct to say soccer “game”, or is it a soccer “match”? How about for hockey?

Question by Clueless: Is it correct to say soccer “game”, or is it a soccer “match”? How about for hockey?
I’ve heard “game” and “match” interchangeably when used after soccer or hockey, but I have a friend who insists that only “match” is correct.

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Answer by MindinChaos
Match is correct for Soccer

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7 Responses to “Is it correct to say soccer “game”, or is it a soccer “match”? How about for hockey?”

  1. xyzlmnop_tx says:

    I have heard of either a soccer match or a soccer game, but I have never heard the term match used in connection with hockey. That one is always a game, I believe.

  2. <(UnSpOkEn)> says:

    u can say both but the thing is . a match is a period of time where 2 teams come together on a ground to win and loose .
    so i would say the word ‘ match ‘ shld at these kinda phrases
    a soccer match is on ! . get it . and a game is the game itself which consists of evrything the rule ‘ player’s ‘ game play etc .
    tell me if u llike my answer .!

  3. Chatty says:

    In Hockey it’s always “game”

    “It’s a good ol’ hockey game, it’s the best game you could name, and the best game you could name, is a good ol’ hockey game”

    Stompin’ Tom Conners

  4. SoccerClipCincy says:

    Its more of a Queens English vs US English thing. In England its a Match played on a Pitch. In the US you will hear bot the English terms above along with and interchanged with a Game played on a Field. Either are “correct” depending on the background/affiliation of the persons in the conversation.

  5. zai_alouz says:

    a match means two teams or opponents playing against each other for the object of wining where as a game is a general term used to describe anything done for fun with specific rules played individually or in teams.

  6. existentialist_guru says:

    It should be ” ‘football’ match” if you are anywhere outside US and Canada. In those two countries you can say either, it really doesn’t matter

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