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A tribute to detective series Ironside, starring Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Don Mitchell, Barbara Anderson and Elizabeth Baur. Music is by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
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25 Responses to “Ironside”

  1. cpnstav says:

    No Idea how a crap series like this lasted so long.It only served as a clothes rack for barbabra .Different outfit almost every scene.

  2. jorgealbertobaron2 says:

    serie clásica

  3. hungryherbie says:

    @kenfig good to hear you weren’t serious …cheers

  4. kenfig says:

    @hungryherbie Sorry man, i was being silly

  5. hungryherbie says:

    @kenfig I don’t care what sexuality Burr was and most people would agree with me
    ..just to say Burr was a fine actor played many roles and that’s the way he should be remembered ..and enough of that talk sir

  6. kenfig says:

    Ironside was a faggot in real life ; no wonder he was in a wheelchair

  7. LadyJML says:

    @Geezyone LOL, yes, he does look like Black Dynamite!

  8. StukInBuf says:

    @Medic83301 In the late 80s, he played a psychologist in *General Hospital.*

    RIP, Messrs. Burr and Galloway.

  9. Medic83301 says:

    Raymond Burr’s ironside charecter i loved . Even though an assasin’s bullet crippled him , you couldn’t keep a good man down ! Him and his team of detectives were relentless in the pursuit of the bad guy and they solved every case .

  10. hungryherbie says:

    Great memories and a great theme excellent posting Lady JML

  11. Geezyone says:

    Hey are you sure that is Don Mitchell or is that Black Dynamite?

  12. basspfosten says:

    I could use a little more cowbell.

  13. SweepsBruceLee says:

    The intro to Ironside is shown in every episode. In the intro there is a brief shot of him holding a gun but I was wondering whether he actually uses one during any of the 199 episodes?

  14. LadyJML says:

    LOL, that’s a good one!!

  15. olivermcummins says:

    Great tune ….did you know IRONSIDE quit his job
    …because he hated being pushed around

  16. RustleAbout says:

    is there an MP3 of this theme available? Where did you find it? It’s great!

  17. WilliamRowlett says:

    Nahh. Gotta remember Ironside was set back in the days when you could bust a dude and run him in just for looking strange. So David Carradine, looking like a chinese and maybe acting goofy, it ought be plenty of probable cause to justify hauling him in.

  18. yodasteveo says:

    Cool video from lady JML

  19. gogogadgetcar says:

    Hhy check 2:55, iron side & the team busting david carradine, looks like ironside had the dude sust as a perv 40 years before the everyone else….way to go Bob!…….personally i always thought their was somthing suspect about that carradine dude him & Sting with all that tantric shit.

  20. scorpiosview says:

    badass ironside was

  21. rougecat007 says:

    this is awsome

  22. yodasteveo says:

    Damn this is soooo cool..

  23. jazzmusic1937 says:

    i forgot quincy did this theme he also did sanford and son and what else anyone remember any others

  24. britfrenir says:

    I saw it is from “Should Factory” . I did not see what store it is at though.

  25. BrandiiG79 says:

    RIP Don Galloway. You are going to be missed.

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