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Ironside TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1967

Ironside TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1967 Raymond Burr
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25 Responses to “Ironside TV Show Opening Theme Season One 1967”

  1. StateOfTheArts says:

    Fuck Perry mason. this was the shit…

  2. Infordust says:

    The man who was too fat to walk!
    So he sat in a wheelchair LOL

  3. kresblain says:

    @DaveFromBrooklyn Actually, Cannon’s theme was composed by John Parker (CHiPs; Trapper John, M.D.) while Streets of San Francisco was written by Patrick Williams (Mary Tyler Moore; The Love Boat) and The Rookies was by Elmer Bernstein (The Ten Commandments; The Great Escape; Ghostbusters).

  4. bashbrannigan says:

    @etbella3 ?

  5. etbella3 says:

    @bashbrannigan Can burros reproduce? Or is it Death Valley mules that are erectile dysfunctioned/dyslexic?

  6. Harvey3rdman says:

    @williamg2552 Ooops. My mistake. Cheap TV trivia book…damn. Thanks for the correction!

  7. bashbrannigan says:

    It’s 2010, why are so many people obsessed that Burr was or was not gay? Get your heads out of the 1950s! It really isn’t important.

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    Yes, Quincy Jones wrote the theme (he “updated” it by 1971).

  9. williamg2552 says:

    @Harvey3rdman Longstreet was not a lawyer. He was an insurance investigator.

  10. Tryborc says:


  11. CattailsandRoses says:

    @tacomadavid68 He was both gay and all man–I saw a documentary about him

  12. hanoc101 says:

    Does anyone remember if Ironsides ever caught the guy who shot and crippled him?

  13. sirPapp says:

    @wigglywoman …just said it on “The Daily Show” today…….did it with the first synthesizer

  14. midmodgal says:

    @RetroJenny I agree. I’m enjoying Kojak on RTV every morning. they also show Emergency, Dragnet and Adam 12.
    DVD’s supply my fix of Ironside and Mannix.

  15. Cramnella says:

    @tacomadavid68 Burr was 100% gay man. Or, in the words of Howard Stern’s dad, “GUESS WHO IS A POOF!?”

  16. TherealSUB100 says:

    blood from a cats face

  17. MickeyLove01 says:

    @tacomadavid68 Today you learned something new.

  18. MickeyLove01 says:

    @tacomadavid68 Although I dissaprove, here is a section of the wikipedia entry. Because Burr lied about marriages, etc, he was later exposed;

    Hiding in Plain Sight, a 2008 biography of Burr written by Michael Starr, claimed that Raymond Burr was homosexual, but hid his sexuality for most of his life out of fear that it would damage his career.[9] He was in a 35-year relationship with Robert Benevides, who has also attested to Burr’s homosexuality

  19. tacomadavid68 says:

    @MickeyLove01 He was not gay.. Burr was 100% man.

  20. johnalang says:

    Wasn’t Ironside based on a real cop that was gunned down and confined to a wheelchair?

  21. c8udyp says:

    This show contributed to my lifelong fear of people in wheelchairs.

  22. DaveFromBrooklyn says:

    @wigglywoman Quincy Jones composed a few TV themes. Ironside, Sanford & Son,The Rookies, I believe The Streets of San Francisco and Cannon as well.

  23. The1baddman says:

    Season 4 of Ironside is to be released on October 19,2010 if the date doesn’t changed.

  24. MickeyLove01 says:

    Burr was gay

  25. IrisMG says:

    @Harvey3rdman Isn’t that funny, though – I couldn’t have told you the actor for a million dollars, but by golly, I know the dog! LOL

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