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Ironside Television Show Opening Theme Season 1 1967

Ironside Television Show Opening Theme Season One 1967 Raymond Burr

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25 Responses to “Ironside Television Show Opening Theme Season 1 1967”

  1. OFFENDOR says:

    This man have money for catching crooks and disable money….?

  2. pixiepancake says:

    TV Land sucks; there are so many old shows that they could show!

  3. jmmkllj7 says:

    @Harvey3rdman I wish more and more for a Sunday night special where all the “laugh-ins” and “Flip Wilson’s” could be showcased. I was the wierdo who saved money to buy comedy albums, years of people borrowing them have left me none, but the joy of old T.V.{when you could watch it, parental control???what!!!} old Mary T.Moore shows,etc, batman….now we can record them, but now they want to sell them.I wish kids could just come home and watch them!!!

  4. Harvey3rdman says:

    @Neville6000 It has definitely ‘jumped the shark’ this year. Yes, I’m sure having been a fan of the first two seasons and beginning to wince through the third. Season 4 is terrible. I no longer anticipate watching the show as I had in the past. Please put it out of our misery and make room for something more stimulating.

    BTW full versions of the original ‘Laugh-In’ and ‘Flip Wilson Show’ rather than the half-hour truncated versions available are also in order.

  5. Neville6000 says:

    @Harvey3rdman Chuck is a great idea,and a great take on the nerd becomes hero myth with a bit of Max Steel and The Six Million Dollar Man thrown in! Are you sure you hate this series?

  6. Harvey3rdman says:

    @Neville6000 There’s also ‘My World and Welcome To It’, ‘Apple’s Way’ or perhaps ‘The Smith Family’. TV has always been about commerce vs culture. I’m reeling still over the cancellation of ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’ while ‘Chuck’ gets renewed.
    No reason to disrespect another show simply for its pandering to mass appeal. And language, my boy, language!

  7. Neville6000 says:

    @Harvey3rdman: I’m talking about local TV stations, NOT Nick@Nite or TV Land. Local TV’s what most people watched and had, and that’s how legacies in TV are made that lead to shows being on DVD. Longstreet, The Young Lawyers, The Magician, Petrocelli, Grandpa Goes To Washington and The Assciociates SHOULD be on DVD ahead of that piece of shit The Love Boat-in fact Love Boat could be subcontracted to Legend Films with little or no problem, or to Timeless Media.

  8. Neville6000 says:

    @cpnstav: I agree-aside from the theme tune (which in the 3rd-5th seasons became crap) the music for this show’s the standard incidental music that’s repeated on and on, endlessly, and not very well. That’s one of the reasons most people aren’t able to get into and watch shows form the past.

  9. Harvey3rdman says:

    @Infordust why would he have to be in a roundabout? wouldn’t that just make them both dizzy?

  10. Harvey3rdman says:

    @Neville6000 Nick@Nite was running a few shows that only run for 13 weeks. This was years ago during their early stages but ran some shows like ‘Honey West’ that only ran for 30 episodes and weird rarities like ‘Working Stiffs’ [Jim Belushi/Michael Keaton] that only ran for 9 though 13 were produced. ‘Longstreet’ ran from Feb ’71 to March ’72 for 23 episodes. Plenty.
    Also I think the topic here is *physical* handicaps though not to diminish those with mental handicaps or Monk-a great series!

  11. RX552VBK says:

    I agree with you to some degree. Most of those shows (like today) are filled with thin stories, ham acting and ‘on the nose’ dialog. But one thing those shows do not share with TV today are their opening. Compare the original opening of hawaii Five-O to the 21st century version. Doesn’t even come close. That’s just one example Neville.

  12. Neville6000 says:

    @RX552VBK: The opening means NOTHING is the show is shit-it’s the steak, NOT the sizzle, that gets people tuning in.

  13. Neville6000 says:

    @pickledpork: Good thing, too, as most of these shows had nothing but car chases on them each episode.

  14. Neville6000 says:

    @Harvey3rdman: They can’t as CBS Studios won’t put it back on the air in reruns because it didn’t run long enough. All that can be seen (sometimes) is the pilot movie. And Monk is disabled-emotionally and mentally due to a traumatic incident.

  15. Neville6000 says:

    @johnalang: No.

  16. Neville6000 says:

    @irishjohn831: No, the stars were Raymond Burr as Robert Ironside, Don Galloway as Det. Sgt. Ed Brown, Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger, and Barbara Anderson as Eve Whitfield.

  17. Neville6000 says:

    @papoj1PVR: No, he did not-bit and pieces of the Ironside theme from Seasons 3-4 were used. Bits and pieces of other music was used in the movie as well.

  18. papoj1PVR says:


    Didn’t Quincy Jones also compose some pieces of music for Kill Bill as well?

  19. cpnstav says:

    Whoever did the music toeh series must have been tone deaf in the incidental music accompanying most episodes can only be described as CRAP. Somebody got money for nothing for this

  20. hendry79 says:

    Diese Serie hab ich zum erten Mal auf RTLplus gesehen, aber auch nicht regelmäßig verfolgt. Aber für die damalige Zeit nicht schlecht.

  21. aikido661 says:

    Looks like a Bruce Lee Intro Lol

  22. POOPtard69 says:

    Smoking kills.

  23. jonpetry says:

    @jasong19711 why did you want to know? Cruising for a date? Try Craigslist sweetie, its easier.

  24. SolarTiger says:

    Thursday night TV fare…as a kid of the 60′s…the most boring night of the week…

    For me anyway…

  25. irishjohn831 says:

    Was he the only guy who starred on the show ? No other names shown in the opening. I guess you just watched a man who’s a cop rolling around. Who was he looking to catch ? Larry Flynt ?

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